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Nov 13, 2006 05:32 AM

Food delivery in Pasadena for starving in-laws

My mother-in-law fell down and broke her wrist this weekend. And I don't think my father-in-law has ever cooked in his life. We're thinking of arranging a bunch of restaurant deliveries for them intermittently throughout the week. They generally eat Middle-Eastern and Jewish food at home. They don't eat out much (and aren't particularly adventurous when they do) but they do like American- Chinese and Mexican food. They also like simple preparations of seafood. Any ideas of places that we might order from that will deliver to Pasadena?

Many thanks!

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  1. I hope your mother in law gets better quickly. There are many places that deliver in Pasadena.
    Chinese: Go China on Lake (north of Union) great kung pao and hot & sour soup); Fortune Inn on Raymond (?) in Old Town. They both have seafood offerings.
    Good Times Pita Kitchen on Arroyo Parkway, 1 block south of California is the only Mediterranean food place that I know of that delivers. Very good falafel and gyros. They also have kebabs and various salads.
    Dinners Delivered offers food from restaurants that normally do not deliver (Chilis, Mijares, etc.) check them out.

    There are also several good Thai restauarnts that deliver (and have fish dishes) Chandra and PresidenTwo.

    Good luck!

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      Here is the correct address for Dinners Delivered with updated menues.

    2. I had a similar situation last year with my parents. Eating out/bringing in got old, I hired a woman to come in 4 hours a day to drive for them and help my mom. They'd get dinner prepared or pick up things for later.
      My other suggestion which is what my daughter will be doing after the birth of her next child is using Dream Dinners, where you spend two hours and prepare one or two weeks worth of dinners. Then with bagged lettuce or salad ingredients you've got it done.
      They are franchised and all over the area.

      1. Fu-Shing might be the best Chinese restaurant in Pasadena proper (though not in the entire SGV), and they deliver quite reliably.

        1. I second Fu-Shing for great take-out but I don't think they deliver.

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            They do indeed. I get delivery from them on a regular basis, often under 30 mins., which is why I called their delivery reliable.

          2. I second Go China- at Lake and Walnut next to Ralphs. Food's great! I've had delivery countless times. They are efficent and have never made a mistake. I love their seafood dishes esp the shrimp in lobster sauce!