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Nov 13, 2006 04:26 AM

best jars or bottles for infusing vodkas

which kind would you all suggest? I'm looking around my kitchen, and the only substantially-sized one that I can sacrifice is full of cheap olives. I can dump out the olives and then clean the jar out really well - will that be ok? Or would a large mason jar work - I don't know if the seal would interfere with the taste.

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  1. I don't think there's any magic to the container. If you've got a glass container and clean it well it won't retain any flavors. Simiarly, the reason that Mason jars and seals have been around forever is they work well and don't interfere with flavor.

    But can't you use the bottle the vodka comes in?

    1. I use new 1 liter canning jars like Ball and Mason with the flat tops and metal bands. Not the type with the rubber seals and wire contraption, those rubber seals are lousy. I also use the 1.75 liter plastic vodka bottles that the vodka comes in for aging after filtering out the fruit.

      1. I don't want to use the bottle the vodka came in because this is my first time infusing, and I bought a giant bottle.

        What about fruit to vodka ratios? Any advice?

        1. I would defintiely use a wide mouth mason jar. its easier to get fruit in a mason jar than a vodka bottle. fruit ratio will depend onf ruit type. for citrus I would say the peel of 10 citrus per 1/5 of vodka. Though you may want to increase it for intensity or if you notice less fragrance in that batch of fruit

          1. I did this limoncello a couple years ago. It was excellent and I still have a little bit of it.