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Nut free bakery?

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My nephew is severely anaphylactic to peanuts and nuts in general and I am looking for a place that will be able to make a cake for a corporate christmas party event for 60 that he will be attending. Please help.

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  1. Richman's Bakery on Bathurst between Wilson and Sheppard is nut-free. It being a kosher bakery, you won't get anything Christmas-y. You also won't get anything made with dairy products. But it's the only nut-free bakery I know of. Worth checking out. http://www.richmansbakery.ca/

    1. Thank you so much; their web site has pictures of lots of nice cakes, one of which I'm sure will do. Thanks again.

      1. Richmonds does really good shortbread-like cookies - maybe you can ask them to use christmas tree cookie cutters for your order. They do dreidel shaped cookies for us every year. They are addictive!

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          Richman's baked goods are quite good, for a kosher bakery. Although I am the person who suggested Richman's to Baileybones, I'd hesitate to recommend a shortbread-like cookie that does not contain butter (this being a pareve/"neutral" bakery that does not use dairy products). Anyone who is a lover of real shortbread would not get a thrill out of a non-butter version.

        2. My son also is anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts and I highly reccomend Cakes By Robert (www.cakesbyrobert.com). Have had birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcakes and cookies (VERY delicious) ordered from them and have always gotten compliments. Even people without concern for these allergies order their cakes. Hope that helps....oh - and they deliver :)

          1. I know that this is an old post, but wanted to let people know that there is a great little bakery on Mount Pleasant Rd. called Half-Baked Ideas. Everything they make is nut free. Check them out at http://hbibakerycafe.com

            Half-Baked Ideas
            516 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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              Thanks!! I will definitely check them out. Looks good :)

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                Thanks...have tried them...but not really a fan :) Their cookies and cupcakes look nice, though.