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Nov 13, 2006 03:33 AM

Thanksgiving Restaurant Recs in Pasadena Area

Looking for Restaurants Recs from CHounders, based on experience, in the Pasadena area, serving traditional Thanksgiving dinners incl buffets. All price ranges. Details appreciated. Thks.

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  1. Still interested in Recs for T-Day, Pasadena area. Good food- Relatively (considering it's a seller's market) good value. Thks.

    1. OhhhKaay... Does anyone know of a grocery offering a special on Swanson's Frozen Turkey TV Dinners?

      1. If you want traditional, maybe consider LUMINARIAS in Monterey Park (


        OR ...

        Maybe try Vertical Wine Bistro, which just opened up and is touted to be a pretty good tapas place.

          1. Only ones I know of are the Ritz Carlton and Maison Akira - both pricey