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How do I make this spinach pastitsio dish?

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I love the Spinach Pastitsio dish from a Greek restaurant in San Diego (Cafe Athena). Does anyone know how to make it? I don't live in San Diego anymore but would love to try and recreate this decadent delight.

From their menu:
SPINACH PASTITSIO: A baked casserole of spinach, garlic, cilantro and Penne pasta with Pesto sauce. Topped with Bechamel and Vlahotiry cheese.

Its so creamy and delicious, served in individual ramekins. I don't remember it tasting much of pesto, more just a rich, creamy, somewhat spinach-y dish with penne incorporated and the whole thing is browned nicely on top. I see several recipes online for pastitsio with ground beef or chicken, but that is not what I am looking for.

As for the Greek cheese - Vlahotiry, I am not sure what it is. Nothing really came up in web searches. My guess is its similar to feta, maybe a bit softer. Anyone heard of it? I have some great cheese stores locally so I might investigate.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Vlahotyri is similar to Kefalograviera. It's a table cheese. It does not crumble as feta cheese does. Greeks use it a lot to make saganaki.

    Vlahotyri cheese: http://www.krinos.com/item.php?PGId=1...

    Image: http://www.thegreekmarket.com/images/...

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      Thanks for this info on the cheese - I suppose spelling it correctly helps for searches. :)