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Indian North County San Diego

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Indian restaurant anywhere in the North County of S.D.?

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  1. I like India Princess, in San Marcos' Restaurant Row.

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to try that.
      One of these days I'll also have to try Madras Cafe off Miramar Ave.

      1. ashaka the great off miramar/black mountain is pretty good.

        1. I went to Ashoka the Great and thought it was very mediocre, not to metion overpriced.

          I really like Punjabi Tandoor on Activity Road around the Black Mountain road area. My favorite dish is the Chicken Mahkni, but I recently sampled the Lamb Rogen Josh from a friend and it was equally good. Great naan as well.


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            Punjabi Tandoor can be very good (and better than all other Indian take-out places) but is also very often inconsistent with very mediocre meals. Overall I think Indian Tandoor is the better take-out place.

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              I love Punjabi Tandoor - and have been there many times for takeout in the past few months. It does vary slightly, mostly the Naan, but most of the time I go it is well above average. I typically go when it is empty so food is good. I really like the folks that run the place - many times when I go they are preparing some catering and like to give samples. Besides, most dishes are $5-$7 which can't be beat. They have a chicken dish on the specials board that is great (Khani? something like that... chicken with butter, spices and hot peppers).

              I've heard Ashoka is superior, but they are 2x the price so haven't been in the mood (funny how price can do that!).

              BTW, my favorite "indian" food was at a kabob shack in Seattle that was actually Pakistani. What stood out was that the food was swimming in butter. Its a good indication to see the butter breaking from the sauce (unlike in French food). They had a chicken Karahi that was great.

              Where is Inian Tandoor?

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                  Ashoka ( the one on black mountain) is really for westerners. Didn't see any indians eating there. The falvors are really tame, and like you said, much more expensive. I wouldn't even bother trying it out.

              1. i like star of india in utc mall

                1. One that hasn't been mentioned yet: Passage to India in Rancho Bernardo. I haven't been there - how is it? Any previous posts on CH have put it at "average at best".

                  In a food court at 805 and Mira Mesa is Sitar which is pretty good. It's just a counter to order at. A little more expensive for combos and you really don't get all that much. They do spread out a buffet on Saturdays since most of the food court restaurants are closed.

                  For me, Punjabi has been the best - I've been to Indian Tandoor, Ashoka and Taste of India just off Miramar. I have yet to try Madras.

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                    went to Passage of India several years ago and it was mediocre, Westernized and flavorless. Maybe it's changed by now. I don't think Ashoka is that great, either (pun not intended). Also flavorless and bland for Indian food. I can cook better from my Madhur Jaffrey cookbooks!

                    So far, the better places have been Punjabi Tandoor (sometimes depends who's actually cooking--dad, grandma or mom) and Sitar. Sitar is pretty decent, although it can get a bit salty. However, their food has good flavor and blend of spices.

                    If you're willing to drive further north into Colton (just north of UC Riverside), there is a TERRIFIC Indian restaraunt called Ravi's India Cusine. Beats out any place in SD, hands down. Masala dosas, biriyani, tandoor, curries, etc. Just off the 215 freeway, near the 10 freeway interchange. Cheap and good!

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                      I've found that the restaurants in Rancho Bernardo that are part of local chains (e.g. Passage to India and Spices Thai cafe) often have dulled down food compared to other outlets of those chains (e.g. Passage to India in Encinitas and Spices Thai in Del Mar). I suspect that is because of Rancho Bernardo's history as a retirement community, though that certainly has been changing over time.

                      I suspect that "regulars" at Passage to India get more interesting food. I also suspect that a lot of impressions are formed from what is on the buffet, and I think most of us can agree that buffet food is generally aimed at the lowest common denominator.

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                        I normally agree about buffet stuff, though I noticed that India Princess' Sunday buffet is a little different. They have dishes I'd never seen before, and a decent number of Indian patrons.

                  2. I like Punjabi Tandoor, but it's always a little greasy.

                    1. I have had several bad experiences wih Ashoka, particularly with bad lamb dishes. I also find them overprices.

                      Madras is excellent. It is vegetarian, the flavors are clean and fresh, and the giant dosas are sure to make you smile. They are also patient with people who are not familiar with South Indian food.

                      Sitar in OK, and they have many Indian customers at lunch time. However, if you want it spicy, they just put cayenne on top the food, which I don't care for.

                      Punjabi Tandor is excellent when they are "on", which is most of the time, I love the family that owns it. My favorite Indian place back home was run by a wonderful Pakistani family, so both the style of the food and the proprieters are nosalgic for me.