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Nov 13, 2006 01:09 AM


I was in Halifax a few weeks ago and tried Onyx. I lived in Halifax for several years and was a dedicated Fid man, but I had read good things about Onyx and opted to give it a try.

The meal was definitely good, but I wasn't blown away, as I have been at Fid (and for less money). The dishes sounded great on the menu, but the execution was merely solid. What is the consensus on this place?

The restaurant itself is beatiful, and I quite enjoyed the friendly staff (even if they were more like students than proffessional waitstaff).

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  1. My SO and I ate at Onyx about a year ago, after hearing a co-worker of mine rave about it.

    It's been awhile, so I can't really remember exactly what we had, but my recollection is that we both were really impressed with our appetizers and then moderately impressed with our mains. We've always meant to go back but just haven't gotten there. Like you, we are also dedicated Fid fans. We only go out for meals in this price range a few times a year, and can't seem to pass on an opportunity to hit Fid when we do. That said, Onyx would be my next choice of the higher end Halifax restaurants I've experienced (Bish, Press Gang, Seven, Da Maurizio). I haven't been to Gio yet, so I can't comment on it as a comparision.

    As an aside, my co-worker who recommended Onyx happens to be vegetarian ... and my SO and I actually spoke to our server on our visit about vegetarian/vegan options. They seemed quite open to making modifications in order to suit non-meat eaters. This might be a good thing to look into if anyone is ever looking for a hip, upscale place for veggie friends.