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Nov 13, 2006 12:55 AM

Suggestions near Metropolitan Hotel

I am staying at the Metropolitan Hotel this weekend and would appreciate a few suggestions. Friends and I have meals planned at Sen5es and also Lai Wah Heen (dim sum Sunday morning), but other than than that it it pretty much wide open. Only criteria is good eating. Thanks!

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  1. Just around the corner from your hotel, on Elizabeth Street is a lovely sushi restaurant called Japango. It is open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner, very busy during the week at lunch. It is a very small restaurant, but they serve very fresh and delicious food. It is about 5 minutes or less from your hotel.
    Another great area to explore that is very close to your hotel is Baldwin Village, which is a few blocks west and a few streets north. The information desk at the hotel can give you directions. It is a lovely street with a number of restaurants with a wide diversity culturally. french, japanese, chinese, malaysian, indian, etc. One of the nicest restaurants is Midi, which is on McCaul street just south of Baldwin, french bistro, very nice.
    An alternative would be to go slightly south to Queen St. which is a very popular area for dining and shopping. Many good restaurants and shops, especially if the weather is nice.
    There is so much more, but these are a few ideas.
    Have fun!

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      Thanks tartetatin! I will check these out.

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        Tartatin's recommendation for Japango is spot on. You will find many rave reviews for Japango on this site. Lai Wah Hen and Japango in one weekend, I am so envious.
        Mother's Dumplings is also near your locale. I haven't tried it yet, but it is on my "must try" list, based on reviews like the following:
        Have fun!

      2. Kensington Market and Chinatown are about a 15 minute walk west of the Metropolitan. Asian Legend on Dundas a couple blocks east of Spadina serves Shanghai style food in a contemporary setting. Alchemy Bakery,El Trompo, Jumbo Empanadas, Patty Queen, Supermarket, Rice Bar, Moonbeam are some chowish places in Kensington. Also, quite a few of the Latin American supermarkets in Kensington sell tamales, pupusas etc from open kitchens at the back of the store.

        1. Kennisgton is one of my favourites areas of the city, and I didn't realize it was this close (usually come at it from Bloor and Spadina, where a friend lives).

          We usually go to Pho Hung on Spadina when we visit. Also get some Banh Mi from this same area (can't believe something so good can be bought for what - $2?). If I were to move to Toronto I would find a place in this area and never buy groceries again.

          I will definitely check out Japango. I think I will also try El Trompo, which I understand is good also. I had a look at it on the Toronto Life website this summer, but never made it to eat.

          How is Senses? I am looking forward to it.

          Thanks for the info!