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Nov 13, 2006 12:41 AM

Shopsins in the Village for Breakfast/Lunch

I spotted this place on my way to Blue Ribbon Bakery. Since the bakery was closed I doubled back and tried the place. What a great place for breakfast or lunch. They're closed on Mon. and Tues. and only open until 3 during the week, 2:30 on weekends. The selection is unbelievable. One quarter of the breakfast menu contained no less than 105 selections of named plates. That doesn't include the omletes, crepes, NY putin, enchaladas, roll your own rockets (b'fast burritoes), Blues Bros. specials, crepes cordon bleu, brunch offerings etc., etc. etc. This is one of those places where if you ate here everyday for a year, you might be able to try everything. On top of all else, they have large metal container of pure maple syrup that you get for any pancake/french toast item. The food is great.

This is a family run casual place and certainly not very fancy. If you are offended by the occasional "F" bomb don't go here. But this appears to be a quintessential New York experience. Lots of locals stop in and its definitely not the tourist spot. Once seated if you want coffee just go up to the shelf, grab a mug and help yourself. This place is highly recomended. The address is 54 Carmine at Bedford in the Village. The food is safe since as one sign in the place indicates, "All our chefs wear condoms."

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  1. IMO, Kenny Shopsin is among the world's greatest short order cooks. How he manages to do what he does is beyond me.

    Other posters have disagreed with that opinion.

    Thanks to chowhound, I learned about it a few years ago.

    1. Check out Matt Mahurin's documentary about the place, "I Like Killing Flies."

      1. You stumbled upon a Village institution, Jambalaya. It's been one of our favorites for a very long time (and one of the first places we wrote about for our site). And small h is right-- you should see the Shopsin's documentary film, all about their move from their old location to their current one (which we understand will not be their current digs for much longer).



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          I couldn't imagine that a place with this much character had gone unnoticed. My only surprise was that I had not heard about it from this board, but I usually don't go on the Manhattan board too often unless I'm headed into town for a visit. What a great place, I hope I don't loose track of it when they move.

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            There's been a lot of discussion on Shopsins on this board:

        2. Then there's the infamous New Yorker profile....

          1. they're moving again or closing for good this time? I'm out of the loop.