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Nov 13, 2006 12:29 AM

One night in LA - Birthday celebration

Please help! My boyfriend and I are meeting in LA (he lives in HI, I live in RI) for Thanksgiving with his family, and we will have one evening out alone together to celebrate his birthday which is the following week.

I'm looking for a fabulous food experience -- we both absolutely love to eat and appreciate fine food, and are looking for somewhere with a great chef's tasting/degustation menu. The type of cuisine is less important, as is the price and location. We will be staying north of LA, but are willing to travel (within reason). I am hoping for somewhere that will not only a wonderful culinary experience, but also provide a bit of a romantic setting as well (though I must say this is secondary). Could you please advise!? Thanks in advance!

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  1. spago tasting menu - beverly hills. have a great visit.

    1. I agree. Gotta be the Spago tasting menu for out of towners. Some parts of the restaurant are more romantic than others, though. I prefer to have a view of the wood-burning oven, personally, but hey I'm a different kind of romantic, I guess. :D

      1. Many on this board love the tasting menu at Providence.

        Since you are already north of LA, you might enjoy Saddle Peak Lodge:
        If you scroll down the left side of the home page there is a virtual tour with pix.

        I also like Spago, Josie, & Water Grill.

        1. Not at all sure if you're interested in it, but one option would be The Gardens of Taxco in West Hollywood.

          It's not so much a ritzy scene as a romantic Mexican type place. The atmosphere is very different, lively and fun. It's kind of modeled after a low lit colorful Mexican. dining room The service is very good, with very friendly, hospitable staff (the minute you've taken a sip from your margarita, they fill it up from the pitcher on the table).

          It's kind of a low lights, crowded, friendly staff, good (not the best in Los Angeles - but very good) Mexican food type place. There are 5 dinner options (chicken, steak, vegetarian, seafood and I believe something else), each 5 courses.

          If you're looking to dress up and eat gourmet, it's not the spot. But for a celebration toasted with margaritas, I'd definitely suggest it.

          2 things:

          1. the salsa they serve with the chips is incredible, and it's usually some time before the first course, and in between courses, but lay off the chips. The meal is ridiculously huge.

          2. They only offer a house margarita which is blended, and orangy-yellow - not traditional, but it packs a punch and seems to grow on you as the courses are served.

          1. thanks for all the advice! Too many options....