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Nov 13, 2006 12:15 AM

best samosa chaat?

i am probably not getting the spelling correct on the chat/chaat part, but i would love to know who has the best! thanks!

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  1. 29th between 5th and escapes me. vegetarian place.
    its delicious, a meal in itself.

    I want to say its called Dimple, but google search says Dimple is in queens.

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    1. re: bruklinboy

      You are right, its Dimple, notwithstanding Google search.
      great place, has snacks like the chaat and doklas, a big gujurati veg menu, a south indian menu with dosa. Ive never gotten around to the buffet and havent been in there for a few years - would like to hear a current report.

    2. I've never been but have read many favorable reviews about the Samosa Chat at Spicey Mina's in Woodside (Broadway & 65th St) across from the "R" train. Also mentioned is Maharaja Sweets & Snacks which has many different varities located at 73-10 37th Ave, Jackson Heights.

      1. Had the samosa chaat at Spicy Mina's last week. It was wonderful -- we start every meal there with it.

        1. Dimple is on 30th between Bwy & 5th.

          1. Any update to the best samosa chaat in Manhattan?