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Nov 12, 2006 11:34 PM

Rochester, NY, The Ravioli Shop

Visited Rochester this weekend and bought dinner ingredients at the Ravioli Shop [260 N.Winton Rd. 585-288-6420] Wonderful shop that makes about 12 varieties of fresh ravioli and 4 sauces, plus outstanding bread. We bought a 1lb. box of artichoke ravioli[30 to a box feeds 3], an 8 oz. container of their vodka sauce[plenty] and a semolina bread for $12.00 and feasted. As good as any ravioli I have ordered out, anywhere.

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  1. Well, even though this looks and feels like an advertisement (tsk tsk), I will attest to the fact that Ravioli Shop is delicious.

    1. Sorry, did I use an inappropriate format? I've never posted before. I live in Virginia Beach, where places like the ravioli shop just don't exist. I was amazed at the high quality and [to me] reasonable prices. Guess I got carried away.

      1. i too think the ravioli shop is delicious and i understand that sometimes it is exciting to find a place that is good and to try and help it along in it's success. especially small places!

        1. We also LOVE the Ravioli shop. And that's no joke about the bread. That's 1/2 the reason to go there. I've yet to find a ravioli there that I didn't like. Great alternative to a night out at a restaurant (and better than most restaurant ravioli you can order in Rochester).