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Nov 12, 2006 11:18 PM

Where to take the Mother In Law after a Sunday afternoon at the Norton Simon

I think she's a fairly adventurous eater, but the day out will be in honor of her 65th birthday, and I want the atmosphere to be quiet enough for decent conversation and somewhat special (really fancy places make her a bit uncomfortable). As a West LA girl, I know almost nothing about Pasadena and its environs.

If we can't come up with something in Pasadena, I may try Literati II, which provided a solid, good meal when I went there for dinner with my mother.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I'm also a West LA girl, but from the times I have dined in Pasadena, both Smitty's Grill and Green Street Restaurant seem to meet your needs.

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      Smittys has great food, but it is far from quiet. I was there Friday night and actually left and went to Green Street for dinner instead. It was so loud it was defeaning and I was with a friend that I had a lot of catching up to do.

      1. re: heidibee

        Smitty's has some of the worst food in all of Pasadena. Oversized, oversalted, overly poor ingredients.

    2. If you want foreign, I'd say Raymond Ave is your friend: Xiomara, Yujean Kang and Cafe Bisou. If you want American, Parkway Grill. If you want seafood, Shiro in South Pas. All in all, I'd say Parkway is the sort that grandmothers and MILs tend to like best.

      1. There is always Houstons and El Cholo. If she is feeling adventurous, you can always go to Saladang or Saladang Song.

        1. The Terrace Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton in San Marino.

          1. I say the thing to do on a Sunday afternoon after Norton Simon (having done exactly this many times) is to stroll through Old Pas until Mom finds something she likes. There's Brazilian, there's sushi, there's Italian. Why spoil the good weather by having to be trapped in a car in bad traffic? Just park in the Delacey lot across from Union Cattle and meander down Colorado.

            As far as recommendations, I like Italian Kitchen on the corner of Union and Delacey, I like La Luna Negra on Green, and Bar Celona on Colorado.