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kosher weddings - not outrageously priced or an outrageous amount of food

Been making the rounds of kosher catering halls and have notice they are all around the same price and all serve an outrageous amount of food. I am not a big fan of the huge smorg, dozens of stations etc (and I can't afford it anyway), but it always seems to be part of the package. So I'm looking for a place and a caterer in the NY area that will let me choose the amount of food I want. Any leads will be much appreciated!

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  1. I would recommend renting a location and bringing in a caterer. A decent caterer will let you decide how much food to serve. Personally, I'm not a "smorg" person myself. I prefer passed hors d'eourves (sp?) and maybe a bit on tables. Quality over quantity. The two caterers I recommended to the dairy wedding question are my favorites. Both will custom design a wedding. The hitch is that neither is cheap, but the food is very high quality and you can order a smaller amount, knowing it will be beautifully prepared yet nobody will go hungry. The caterers are Simply Divine and Manna. Should both prove too expensive to consider as options, I'm sure you will get some other good recommendations here or from friends.

    1. Try Main Event Caterers. They have terrific food and are very accomodating. They could help you find a location, where they caterer.

      1. I would highly recommend Dalgar caterers in lakewood. they have a website and were phenomenal to deal with. We used them for my sons bar mitzvah. i would use them again in a heartbeat.

        1. a couple of people I know have recently made or are making chasanas at Beth Sholom in Lawrence because they are not charging an arm and a leg

          1. another place that comes to mind is Ateres Shlomoh in B'klyn on New Utrect ave and I think 79th st

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              i got married in ateres shlomo. its by 72nd. but i think that is different than what RIVERFALLS is looking for. the food at ateres shlomo is very good, but the presentation is, well, let's just say heimish.

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                but the presentation is, well, let's just say heimish.
                "and I can't afford it anyway"

                that's why I mentioned Ateres Shlomo

            2. You can try any of the following:

              1) Eden Palace in Brooklyn.
              2) East Meadow Jewish Center (East Meadow, Long Island)
              3) Celebration Caterers (Mauzone)
              4) Chap a Nosh Caterers (Lawrence)
              5) Astorian World Manor in Queens

              It is more expensive to get married in a shul because they often charge for the Rabbi (even if you don't use him).

              1. the trouble is that if it's about a wedding and you're looking for a jewish wedding hall, they come along with the caterer. the cheaper they are, the worse the food. (torah v'yirah used to be an exception but alas they are no longer cheap and their food... well...). i think your best bet is v'yoel moshe in williamsburg: nice simple and affordable

                1. I am just recently engaged. We are hoping to marry this June/July. I know it might be tough to find a hall but what is even tougher is finding the price range. It will be a modern orthodox wedding with 350-400 people. There will be seperate and mixed dancing. We are looking to spend about $50-$60 per person. We live in brooklyn NYC, but are willing to travel about 45 min - 1 hour away. Any sugestions?????????

                    1. Ateres Chinka is a good choice. Check with the caterer to see if they will accomodate your needs in regard to the the type of wedding that you wish to have at this ultra orthodox establishment.

                      1. Maybe you could look at the Razag (http://www.razag.com/home.html), which is also in Brooklyn, or the Atrium in Monsey. You'd have to ask either about the mixed dancing.

                        1. The major caterers can help you find places. IIRC, Prestige's website actually lists numerous venues in greater NYC.

                          I have personally used Main Event and Catering by Celebration (Mauzone) and both did very well by me but weren't cheap. There are ways of cutting costs (e.g., passed hors d'oeurves vs. a full shmorg or by serving everyone the same main course rather than offering a choice of beef or chicken or fish, or even serving buffet-style, which reduces waitstaff costs without skimping on the food) + you can save on weeknights or non-prime dates (no June, no post-Tishab'av) if you find those tolerable.

                          The ultra-frum wedding factories like Chynka can give you very low prices, but sadly, you often get what you pay for. My guy at Main Event claimed that there are places in Monsey that work for $25pp.

                          My advice is to call a caterer and tell them what your budget is. If they can't work within it, they'll tell you. If they can, they'll do their best to sell you on them. (But if your budget is $60pp, tell them $50pp, because their job is to take you higher.)

                          Good luck & Mazal Tov!

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                            " ... sadly, you often get what you pay for ..." Just what do you mean by that? I have been to numerous weddings at these " Wedding Factories " and found nothing lacking. The smorg at Ateres Avraham is just as good if not better than the Sands or whereever. It is one thing if we are talking about a 10-20% savings but what we are looing at is more than half price than some of the other places mentioned here on the "Hound". My daughter had a most lovely and memorable event at Eden Palace. I am not ultra frum, I had mixed seating, but seperate dancing due to family considerations.

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                              hey guys
                              these guys at "main event"
                              anyone know where i can find them?
                              are $25.00 a person? REALLY!!

                          2. With almost all of these weddings, no one remembers the food. They will remember whether it was "leibadich" (lively) or not. In Orthodox circles of all ilks, you're talking about people who frequently attend several weddings a month, so they're not not there for the food. When you're hosting upwards of 400 people, you can't serve steak as a main course unless you have money to burn.

                            Stick to one selection for your main course. People tend to do most of their eating at the shmog anyway.

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                              you're responding to a post from 2006. They're probably planning a bris by now

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                                I hope so. But others may seek the same info, so that's why I answered.