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Nov 12, 2006 10:35 PM

Where to eat in Wilmington, DE

Hi, I'm interested in learning if the Dupont Hotel food is as good
as it used to be. Either restaurant is fair game. Other recs in
Wilmington would be appreciated. Thanks so much, fresh

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  1. Have not been to the Hotel Dupont for many years but my favs in Wilmington are in order, Toscana, Eclipse, Mona Lisa and will be going to Domaine Hudson in a couple of weeks so will let you know how that is.

    1. The Hotel food is still good, yes, although I've always found the entrees at the Brandywine Room way too heavy and rich for my taste. Domaine Hudson is a great alternative--lighter, much more lively atmosphere although still fine dining.

      1. We had a wonderful meal at Domaine Hudson two weeks ago, and I would definitely recommend it. Also ate at the Columbus Inn; the steak was a bit salty, but the caesar salad was great, and the atmosphere was nice.

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          I have been looking forward to trying Domaine Hudson. It would be great if you could describe the dishes have you enjoyed there. Also, what is appropriate dress for this place? Are jeans acceptable? Thanks.

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            Actually, I've been meaning to post a report for this place since we liked it so much. We were a few minutes early, so our table wasn't quite ready yet. No problem, it was the perfect opportunity to wait at the bar and get a small glass of Prosecco (LOVE the varied sizes of wine you can here!).

            Started with an app. of foie gras on brioche toast with a bit of orange-vanilla syrup and prunes, which was outstanding, like the most decadent breakfast you'd ever want to eat. Spouse also got a green salad, which was very nice as well.

            For entrees, we took advantage of their half-portions and got three: a seared tuna with a jalapeno sauce and mangos, which was cooked just perfectly. The flavors were really interesting and delicious, and not the usual thing you get with tuna (no sesame seeds in sight). Then the Arctic Char, which I have sung the praises of already. In a cream sauce with potatoes and a wee bit of bacon. Not good for us, I'm sure, but fabulous comfort food. The least successful entree was lamb chops in a sweet curry sauce. Nothing wrong with either of the components, but the flavors just didn't go together quite as well as one might hope. That's the only thing I wouldn't get again.

            And for dessert (which I didn't need, but Husband ordered it, so I forced myself to try 5-6 bites), we got the chocolate cheesecake. I was surprised by this, since I'm not much of a cheesecake fan, but it was really good and not as heavy as I'd feared.

            The only thing that we'd do differently would be to ask for more help with wine pairings. Our server (very knowledgeable and helpful) suggested a Sauterne for me with the foie gras, and a Chardonnay for my husband, and he was spot on with both of them. We picked out the wines for the entrees on our own, and some of them weren't quite right for the food. But playing around with all those wines was so much fun that we really didn't mind! We're moving to the area soon, and we will definitely be back here again.

            The information on OpenTable said "business casual", but we did see people wearing "nice" jeans there.

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            If you haven't been back to Domaine Hudson recently, they've expanded their cheese offerings with a new menu of cheeses from NYC's Artisanal Cheeses (see It's a great way to start or finish a meal (in lieu of a sweeter "dessert"). It's also a fun way to grab a small bite to eat with a glass of wine at the bar after work.

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              Thanks, all, for the Domaine Hudson suggestion. We had a great dinner there--thanks for your suggestions.

          3. The menu is here:


            Actually, they've rotated most of the items since the last time I was there, so I haven't tried anything on here except the mustard-crusted lamb. I have not hit a bad dish yet at this place, actually. Now that I look at the new dishes, that Arctic Char is sounding extremely inviting!

            Ignore the cutesy menu categories and just realize that each of the "petite propositions" is an entree that's available as a half-order. This is the perfect size for me so that I can order a starter, entree, and dessert/cheese without feeling ill.

            I would say that a *nice* pair of jeans is acceptable, although most other diners will be slightly more dressed up. The place can be a little noisy since it is small. Service is friendly (and occasionally a little on the untrained side) rather than haughty.

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              Thanks for the info. I will definitely try it.

            2. Many thanks to all who responded to my inquiry about the DuPont Hotel. I'll consider other options when in Wilmington! fresh