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Nov 12, 2006 10:24 PM

Restaurants around the Sheraton Society Hill

We're going to visit Philadelphia late this month and would like to find good restaurants within walking distance of our hotel since we will not rent a car. As we're from Santa Barbara, we'd especially like to try regional cuisine or typically Philadelphian in some way. We also love all sorts of ethnic food. Thank you.

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  1. Ok, off the top of my head here are some places to try in your area....
    Campo's deli might be a good casual place to get a cheesesteak or hoagie, at 2nd and Market.

    Amada would be a nice place to go out for dinner -- Spanish Tapas at 2nd and Market

    Ava is a nice Italian BYOB at 3rd and Lombard http://www.avarestaurant.com/

    I am partial to Kabul, which between front and Second on Chestnut. VERY simple good Afghani food. Very inexpensive and BYO.

    And if you are willing to walk about 10 blocks, you will be at the Reading Terminal Market which is at 12th and Market and has a TON of good eats. Also, you are not far from Chinatown, which also has many options.

    1. Ava's looks terrific! Thank You! We'll also try Kabul and Campo's. Is there a good pizza place nearby for us to try east coast pies? And my husband would really like to find a Pennslyvania Dutch or German restaurant - a sort of classic place. Any suggestions for Chinatown?

      1. Penang and Banana Leaf in Chinatown are both great Malaysian spots in Chinatown, but for straight Chinese you can't go wrong with House of Chen on 9th & Race. They're open very late, which is usually the time I wind up there.

        Also near you is Positano Coast, a bright, cheery small-plates Italian spot. The crudo (Italian-style ceviche) features mahi-mahi and smoked mozzarella.

        Make sure to also try Franklin Fountain, Philly's old school soda jerk. Front & Market. And if you like ethnic, there's a new restaurant/club that just opened Filipino place on 2nd & Chestnut called Cebu (haven't been there, but have heard good things) and Karma right down the street for Indian.

        1. There is quite a bit of discussion about Chinatown places on this board. Lakeside Deli (9th St.) for dim sum, Shao Lan Kung (Race St.) for classic Cantonese, Sechuan Tasty House for really authentic (and spicy) chinese, Rangoon for Burmese, Vietnam for Vietnamese. I don't recommend pizza in your area (my son swears by the place at 4th and South, but he's a college student). For PA Dutch, have breakfast in Reading Terminal market at the Pennsylvania Dutch Eating Place. For German food, there's not much. This is a town devoted to Italian fine dining. The truly unique Philadelphia cuisine is BYOB and can be found in your hotel area at Ansill (very creative if you're a daring eater) or Django (safer). Reservations necessary. A mid-week bargain in this genre is Overtures.

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            Gianfranco Pizza Rustica
            6 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

            This is good pizza place close to your hotel (basically at 3rd and Market Street). Better than Lorenzo's on South Street anyway. Nothing ruins pizza more than sugary tomato sauce.

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              One German (or maybe it's Austrian?) place is Ludwig's Garden at 13th and Samson. Great German beer, and I know they have a large menu. I cannot vouch for the food though, b/c I cannot say I've ever wanted to try it.