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How about a HOTEL BOARD???

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We eat. We travel. We need a board that discusses where to stay. It would be a helpful related service. How about it? What do you think?
Thanks, Moe

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  1. Ain't gonna happen until hotel furniture and linens become edible. This is Chowhound, not Fodor's.

    1. Chowhound's value comes from our narrow focus - it means you'll get what you're looking for when you come here without a lot of other distracting materials to sort through.

      There are lots of great websites out there that offer travel advice and information, but this simply isn't one of them.

      1. I completely agree with you BFM. I have come to relish the opinions of fellow chowhounders and think it would be very helpful . Quite frankly, the suggestion of having its own board would mean that only people interested in the hotel advice would have to "sort through a lot of the distracting material." That's why it would have its own board. Much like the Not About Food Board. I suppose you could ask for hotel advice on that board and hope that it won't be edited...as I'm sure my relpy will be!

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          Even what's on the "Not About Food" board is in some way food related.

          If we have a hotel board, then someone will want advise on how to get to them, so then we'd need a travel board, etc. etc. This is CHOWhound, there are plenty of sources for the other things you might need advice about -- search them until you find where you're comfortable.

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            There's also a reasonable question about whether those who have opinions others like about food will also have opinions about anything else that would be as helpful.

          2. Mr Fat, you might have a case if the board were to discuss the food at hotels. There have been a significant number of posts seeking help in selecting a hotel in part for the food. On the other hand, I have a personal policy of never eating at the hotel in which I'm staying.