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Nov 12, 2006 10:08 PM

Paris-choucroute/coq/boeuf bourguignon/oysters/beaujoulais

A friend will be in Paris this upcoming week (Wednesday - Sunday) and is looking to find the best (1) choucroute garnit, (2) coq au vin and (3) boeuf bourguignon and (4) oysters in Paris. He's willing to travel around town to find the best.

His current favorites are Bar au Marche (Rue Cadet) for coq au vin and boeuf bourgignon. He likes L'Alsace (Rue Condorcet), Brasserie Flo or Balzar for choucroute. He likes Bar aux Huitres for the oysters. He's wondering if he should be trying someplace else for these dishes.

Merci in advance.

PS: Where's a really fun place to go to celebrate beaujoulais nouveau on Wednesday night?

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  1. Re: beaujolais nouveau night, if you don't go to Le Gavroche (rue St. Marc) you will miss out on a great experience, singalongs, accordions, petting the bulldog, dancing with the kids, this place LOVES their beaujolais and steak frites. Your choucroute recs sound solid.

    1. For the beaujolais nouveau both Jacques Melac and the Clown Bar (pronounced Cloon) would be lots of fun. Jacques Melac has the fun proprietor with the big moustache and terrific clientele and the Clown Bar is next to the Winter Circus and famous and fun. The food is quite good.