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Nov 12, 2006 09:55 PM


Today, my husband an I decided to play tourist, and, had brunch at the Arizona Inn, never eaten there before.

Where to start - ah, the beginning. We were about ten minutes early for our reservation, and, were directed to their library to wait. Really a wonderful place to wait, but, after more than 20 minutes we checked in at the restaurant, and, they said that they were waiting for us. No one ever came to tell us our table was ready, as they said they would.

So, let's see, they didn't get my order right - I think I got someone else's - and, when they finally did get it right, the eggs were more room temperature - by this time, who cared. The eggs benedict was no better, and, probably not as good as at your local favorite breakfast place, but, there, at least, they would have been served warm!

Too, we kept having to ask them to refresh our coffee with warm coffee, that was a "real" challenge. Etc., Etc.

We did speak to the manager, after we were given the wrong tab. She didn't seem to care at all, and just said she would speak to the chef - that was the entire response. Meager, wouldn't you say?

We did request an outside table when we made the reservation and when we got there there was a function going on on the patio, and, they weren't seating anyone outside. I made the reservation two days ago.

Obviously, we were expecting more. Certainly better food. And, there is absolutely no doubt that we will never go there again - and will relay this to our friends, and, to you.

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  1. Wow. I always try to stay at the Arizona Inn when visiting Tucson and have enjoyed consistently good dinners and breakfasts in the dining room. I also like the free ice cream included with the summer specials. I have never experienced the brunch, however, and perhaps that is a weak point.

    1. Binky, it's horrible - you and I are just on the opposite ends of the sine wave of experience with these Tucson restaurants! I'm sorry that you had such a bad time at the Arizona Inn - I've always done well there.

      One of these posts you and I are going to agree 100% about something! ;-) So far (the Cafe Poca Cosa, Mi Nidito, Parilla Suiza divergence of experience on the other thread), just bad luck on both of our parts, I think. :-D

      1. Bummer! Arizona Inn was just listed in the top 100 listing of International AND North American hotels in Conde Nast's lastest issue. Not the restaurant perhaps. I've only heard good things, but everything you encountered seemed to be lack of care and concern and poor communication. Better luck next time.

        1. I can't tell you how many meals I've had with good friends where we'll disagree in real time on the deliciousness of the food (although not on the experiences of lousy service, ambience, etc.). CPC and Arizona Inn are two such places, not to mention Chez Panisse and French Laundry. To each his/her own (or maybe get new friends?)! :)

          1. Claudette - not quite sure if you like CPC, or, the Arizona Inn - but, you can always save me a table at either Chez Panisse (upstairs, or, down), or, at the French Laundry or Bouchon! Hmmmm, I'm getting hungry.