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Nov 12, 2006 09:33 PM

American Flatbread Company - Central Coast

We had a great dinner last night at American Flatbread in Los Alamos. Everything is organic. They are only open Friday and Saturday from 5 to 10. When we arrived just after 5 the bar was full and we put our names on the wait list. We only waited 10 minutes. The place seat 80 or so and you can see the pizza being made and fired in the same room you are seated in. The bar (wine and beer only) had a nice list by the glass and we liked the Flatbread Red Pinot Noir ($7).

I had the salad from the specials list. Arugula on a bed of thinly shaved persimmon with new crop walnuts and intensely flavored tiny golden sweet 100's in a fruity viniagrette ($6). It was delicious and appetizing. Others had the mixed salad with greens and a ginger tamari viniagrette ($5) and there is also a choice of a grated carrot and celery salad ($3) that was very generous.

I wanted to try the appetizer of roast carrot and beets with goat cheese, harissa and pistachio nuts but no one else was game. Aside from salads and pizza this is all that's offered.

We had a large pizza with roast tomato sauce, cheese and herbs, $15, (they use Serena in the mix), small the sausage with sundried tomatoes (instead of sauce) and mushrooms, $9.5, and large the pepproni with spicy green peppers ,$18. All were excellent. The dough is not really crisp under the toppings, but the edges are wonderfully chewy.

The five of us had a little pizza to take home. We were too full for dessert, $6. There was an apple blueberry pie and a pistachio cake with whipped cream, a cheese plate and a few others.

It's a fun and interesting place to go. Kids are fine because it is casual and really loud, just put your order in right away if you are hungry.

The flatbread is sold in the freezer section of some markets, but having is right out of the wood burning oven is great.

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  1. we ate there on a cold and blustery December night and it was so much fun. We got there later, about 7:30, and were ushered past a full house to a two-top directly across from the oven.
    It was fascinating to watch the choreography involved in the baking, and to see the pleasure on all the other diners' faces.

    The crust of our pizza was very dark underneath and on the edges, but the young baker explained it was a function of the oven. We enjoyed the flavor and thought it complimented the bread, much like a flame-toasted flour torilla tastes. Perhaps they have backed off on the baking time, if diners have given them feedback about "overcooked crust"? The pizza and salads were delicious.

    A thoroughly enjoyable evening. The front room bar is beautiful, and the fireplace welcome. Nice, cordial service, and an inviting atmosphere all-around.

    1. Our pizza crusts were not dark, charred or overcooked at all, so perhaps it has changed a bit. When I reheated a piece in the oven at home, it toasted up nicely with the crisp bottom that I sorta wished the original pie had, so I guess I could have taken a bit more cooking on the crust.

      1. I've been to the original Flatbread Company in Middlebury, VT many times and totally miss it! The place in Los Alamos is a bit far from San Diego, however if you go onto their website it will tell you some of the grocery stores which carry their frozen pizzas - not quite as good, but still darn good for a frozen pizza. Head's up though, they're about $9 for a little one.

        1. I love the place. I have friends with a ranch near by and we love going there. You might want to check out their website and read how they got started--making food for sick kids. And they also are franchising, so there may be more restaurants soon. The reason the Los Alamos one is only open on weekends is that the rest of the time, they're making pizzas for the frozen food business.

          1. We ate there again just after Christmas and the place was completely full and busy when we arrived about 6:15pm or so. The 40 minute wait for seating wouldn't have been too bad except that it took me forever to get an order in at the bar. I asked her to reccomend something inexpensive and I wish I remembered what it was --very nice and only $18. It may have been "Mandolina Toccata “Super Tuscan” 2002 Los Alamos"

            I was really excited to order the salad special of the day as it included Burrata, but they were out of it. I settled for the very nice Evolution salad. The pizza's were delicious and we ordered the same trio as previously. I wish I could have convinced them to get the special scallop pizza of the day.

            I hope to save room for dessert next time.