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Nov 12, 2006 08:56 PM

Big Daddy's in Kennett

I saw a write-up for Big Daddy's barbecue restaurant in the Kennett Paper. Has anyone tried this barbecue restaurant?

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  1. Never got there myself but they are closed. Talk about a short run.

    1. I love BBQ and never knew it existed...seems like word did not get out!

      1. There's a great place in Drexel Hill called "Pig Daddy's" on Burmont Rd. Really cleaned up the old "Boss Hogg" site. The owners, Linda, Jerry & Chris Mullane, are Kansas City BBQ Society judges, reps, teachers (for BBQ judging), and sometime competitors. Their pulled pork is the best I've had in the Philly area. Their brisket is great, they even have what they call a "BBQ cheesesteak" (yeah, they're originally from NYC). They use their slow-smoked, chipotle-sauced meat in their Tex-Mex stuff and Cuban sandwich, too. Their chili, mac & cheese, tortilla chips & salsa (chips fried onsite), guacamole are top shelf.

        Their website is