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Looking for good indian or pakistani food in Dallas...

Have some clients coming in from Pakistan and they usually like to sample the local indian or pakistani scene. Any good recommendations for good indian or pakistani food in Dallas? Any thoughts on Taj Majal (10455 N. Central Expressway)?


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  1. Taj Mahal, hands down has been the most consistent place I've found in Dallas. I've tried highly rated(at least according to DMN) India Palace and Clay Pit but found they are both lacked the usual depth and spiceness, especially Clay Pit. I will never go there again! I live and walk to Taj Mahal all the time when I get a craving for Indian food. Living in Chicago spoiled me where there's a huge concentration of great Indian and Pakistani restaurants on Devon Avenue.

    1. My Indian friends tend to dislike India Palace, Clay Pit, and Taj Mahal. They make the trek out to Mayuri (in Irving, I think) instead.

      1. if they want to have food that tastes as close as in pakistan, take them to BBQ Tonight, which is at the South East Corner of George Bush Tunpike and Old Denton Road. They have a Sunday Brunch which is quite good and tasty.

        Another low key (hole in the wall kind) place I would recommend is Al-Markaz restaurant, which is inside the Al-markaz grocery store. Not sure if you would like to take your clients there...

        Another Restaurant recently opened is Tandoor @ Legacy and Alma. I believe it from the same owner as Al-markaz, but a better sit-in atmosphere. Have tried the food a few times now and its been consistantly YUMMY!!!

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          Thanks for the recommendations guys... I'll definitely take a look at Tandoor.

        2. I prefer Pasand to Mayuri. There are two locations, one on Belt Line just north of 183 in Irving, and another on Campbell Road in Plano. The Irving location is populated principally by Indians, and it's unpretentious and inexpensive. Both locations have a decent selection of vegetarian items that many of the more North-focused restaurants do not.

          1. I would agree with Pasand it's very consistant.

            1. Are you really looking for Pakistani food? Both Al Markaz and BBQ tonite are muslim, thus you will get the truly pakistani style foods. That is, as the joke goes- Pakistani food is just North Indian food without the veggies. The service at BBQ tonite can be surly, and skip their lunch buffet - all of the meat items will be dry and overcooked. Their Nihari is darn good, and they top it with fresh jalapenos and grated ginger. Their Haleem is good too, and they top that off with ginger as well. Al markaz is more of an eatery in a grocery store, and while they have similar dishes, the servings are a little smaller, price is lower, and the decor is not as nice - but food good as well.

              I have been hitting Chameli on Greenvile in Dallas the last few weekends - it's a new cafe and they actually hail from Bangladesh ( if you are tired of Z-tv, then at least here you will get Bangladeshi tv!) , and both their Haleem and Nehari is great, but they offer familiar Indian items as well. They also make a very huge kabab role, just don't forget to ask for some raita on the side!!.

              1. I would have to agree with the previous posts. Mayuri, Pasand, and Taj Mahal have been consistent each visit. I enjoy the mango pudding and chicken wings are Taj Mahal.

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                  We went to Mayuri last night for dinner and it was very good. We started off with a dosa masala (I wanted to try one, I had never had one before), which was a huge crepe filled with potatoes and veggies. I didn't care for the coconut chutney, but loved the ginger chutney that came with it. It also came with soup, I'm not sure which kind. I took one spoonful and that was all I could handle. Very flavorful and tasty, but the heat was too much for me (I'm a wimp).
                  For entrees, Mr. B had the mixed tandoori grill. Most of the meat was overcooked, but the flavor was good. It came with Nan, which was fluffy and hot, but a bit too oily.
                  I chose chicken tikka masala. The chicken was done well, and the sauce was creamy and had quite a kick, but I was able to knock that down by mixing it with the rice pilaf. I ended up bringing over half my meal home because it was just too much food. I also ordered onion nan, which was filled with sweet onions and was less greasy than the regular nan. I think I prefer the plain.
                  The service was very friendly and attentive. The atmosphere is nice, and they had a decent crowd for close to nine o'clock last night.
                  I'll be sending Mr. B over on occasion for take out. I'm interested in trying their biryani, which is also one of my favorite dishes.
                  All in all, with the exception of the overcooked grill, we had a great experience. Life changing Indian? No. But definitely a decent meal.

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                    QueenB - you might want to try their lunch buffet. I've had dosai, tandoori and biryani at the buffet, among many many other dishes. I'm not sure how the quality of the buffet relates to the menu selections but I certainly found it tasty, and reliably so.

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                      I'd like to, but unfortunately it's a bit too far from work to do lunch. Maybe on a Saturday (if they even have it on Saturday).

                2. Also, for food from the Southern part of India especially from Chennai, Do visit Taj Chaat House in Irving. They have a wide selection of items and the taste is quite authentic.

                  FYI, No Meat is served here...

                  1. My favorite restaurant in Dallas is the Tandoor in Arlington, next to Bombay Bazaar. I prefer the northern style dishes. The atmosphere at the Tandoor, isn't the best in the world, but the flavorful food makes up for that. The owners are very nice and attentive. We go there at least two or three times a month. My favorite dishes at Tandoor are their delicious Chicken Tikka Masaala (chicken in a mild tomato and cream curry sauce), Ghost Khorma (lamb in a mild, cashew paste sauce), and Saag Paneer (spinach and cheese), also delicious is their fragrant Malai Grill. The naan is always fresh out of the clay oven and the meal starts out with my favorite Indian snack - papadum, coriander chutney and some sort of mint and spicy sauce. We have gone there often enough for the owners to know that we like our food spicy, but if you don't tell them that you like it spicy, they tend to be a little reserved with their use of chilis. I think they've been burned in the past...pun intended. :-) I always have my spicy meal with a sweet and creamy Mango lasii, which combats the heat as you eat. An incredible feast every time. And reasonably priced as well. Especially compared to the more Americanized Clay Pit.

                    1. It never gets any props on the boards (and technically is not Pakistani cuisine), but Sitar, up in Frisco on Preston just South of 121, is by far my favorite Indian restaurant in the North Dallas area (exlcuding Irving of which is a real schlap to drive to). The lamb curry, keema naan, tandoori chicken tikka and aloo gobi are all outrageously good. The atmosphere is relatively stylish (for an Indian restaurant) but it's a pretty quiet scene. Agree with other members that Indian Palace is WAY over-rated and Clay Pit is the indian food equivalent of Maggiano's - ugh!