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Nov 12, 2006 08:21 PM

Jerusalem II Steakhouse in Five Towns

I called the Jerusalem II Steakhouse on Avenue J in Brooklyn. They said that they expect to open a Cedarhurst location at the beginning of this coming December.

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  1. Do the 5 T's need another Israeli steakhouse? You already have the best in NY, Hapina.

    1. Even though Hapina has good Israeli food, Jerusalem Steakhouse is a welcome addition to the Five Towns. JS, in my opinion has better Israeli food than Hapina. In addition, it is located in a much less congested area of the Five Towns than Hapina. Also, competition is always good.

      1. Do you know if Jerusalem II Steakhouse has good steaks? I usually go to Bistro Grill in Woodmere but wouldn't mind a cheaper and closer alternative.

        1. I am not sure. Maybe one of the Brooklyn Chowhounds can let us know if Jerusalem Steakhouse on Avenue J has good steaks. I have only eaten their schwarma and chicken dishes in Brooklyn.

          1. Their steaks are decent, nothing special.