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Jerusalem II Steakhouse in Five Towns

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I called the Jerusalem II Steakhouse on Avenue J in Brooklyn. They said that they expect to open a Cedarhurst location at the beginning of this coming December.

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  1. Do the 5 T's need another Israeli steakhouse? You already have the best in NY, Hapina.

    1. Even though Hapina has good Israeli food, Jerusalem Steakhouse is a welcome addition to the Five Towns. JS, in my opinion has better Israeli food than Hapina. In addition, it is located in a much less congested area of the Five Towns than Hapina. Also, competition is always good.

      1. Do you know if Jerusalem II Steakhouse has good steaks? I usually go to Bistro Grill in Woodmere but wouldn't mind a cheaper and closer alternative.

        1. I am not sure. Maybe one of the Brooklyn Chowhounds can let us know if Jerusalem Steakhouse on Avenue J has good steaks. I have only eaten their schwarma and chicken dishes in Brooklyn.

          1. Their steaks are decent, nothing special.

            1. Just wondering, if anyone else feels as we do, that, despite the same ownership, the food at the Jerusalem II Steakhouse on Avenue J, is better than in the one on Avenue M - both in Brooklyn. If that's the case, it's hard to know how good the food will be in the Five Towns.
              Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

              1. The baby lamb chops at the avenue J location are wonderful. Always enjoyable and tasty dinners and never disappointed with anything I order. Hopefully this will be the same at the 5T location.
                bruce in belle Harbor

                1. If Jerusalem Steakhouse has comparable food as the other places, I am more than willing to give it a try. Jeterfan mentioned that it is in a less congested part of town, meaning, I assume, easier parking; that is already a plus. And, I agree competition is always good. Keeps the restaurants striving for the best.