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Nov 12, 2006 07:31 PM

Season Shot

I'm not a hunter, and I don't know what to think of this product:


Pretty crazy, huh? It's strange to sell ammunition on the platform of its being environmentally friendly, and the idea of simultaneously klling an animal and seasoning you dinner is a strange one. reminds me of "flavor injecting" turkeys before deep frying.

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  1. You're not a hunter, but you are a public radio listener!!

    I just want to say that I instantly knew that seasonshot was the genuine story, not through experience but simply because it's an idea who's time has come! : )

    I'll reprise the quip: Hunting blind discussion will never be the same. Rather than hearing "Say, have you tried this new Fiocchi Speed Steel shot?" Hunters will ask one another "Which shall we try? The Herbs De Provence or the Ragin' Cajun with a hint of lime?"

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      Funny. I *am* an NPR listener, but I heard about Season Shot elsewhere on the internet, not on NPR.

    2. If the pellets disolve in the flesh of a game bird, won't they soften in damp field conditions before being used? It might be possible that they would injure game rather than produce clean kills. That's just wrong. No responsible hunter would support that.
      There was a strong conservation ethic among rural people and hunters long before politicians and city people ever coined the term "environmentalist." Their lives were intimately tied to it and they were pretty good shepherds of it.

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        This could be an easy way to season meat from the supermarket. It does not need to be used for hunting. Put a chicken on the counter, load it with season shot and fire.

        This is a hoax site before too many people get upset. The big clue is that there is no place to buy this product.

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          I've also heard of this product and examined the website. They include full contact information and seem to be quite sincere about this product. I heard about this on Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me which featured the story in a quiz where the contestant must select the true news item from a series of unlikely stories. This answer was revealed on the air by the product's inventor.

          The website indicates the that product is not yet available, so one wouldnt' expect to find an e-commerce module or list of retailers. Now, I will agree that it's likely that there are some development or production problems with the product - but let's remember that if they can generate some interest before the product is even manufactured they've done a good job marketing the product.

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            There are lots of sites like this where the product just is not yet available. One of the more clever sites allowed an order, but the items were put on backorder.

            In this link to the museaum of hoaxes, someone called the number and there was only a voice mail that said "“Thank you for calling Season Shot. We’re unable to take your call right now, but you call is important to us. Please leave your name and phone number and we will call you back.” (Not an exact quote, but darn close enough.)


            My favorite quote from the hoax link is the guy who wondered if pepper would be lethal.

            While there is contact information, there is no spot for an email address for them to contact you. Doesn't that strike you as odd that the company would not make access of free email but would choose the labor and expense of contacting people by phone or snail mail?

            I'm not familiar with the area of Bloomington, but that particular address with the zipcode will return a Minneapolis location where a software company is located.

            Besides the whole site is a hilarious commentary about foodies, hunters and environmentalists.

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              Well I hardly think that we should give consideration to a bunch of speculation on a message board - surely we've got plenty of that right here!! : )

              The folks commenting on the site you linked don't seem to realize that when you eat game birds that were hunted it is EXTREMELY common to bite into bird shot - which is no picnic! It 's just about impossible to remove all of the shot which is the reason behind the product. It is not that someone thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to season my pheasant with a shotgun rather than in the kitchen!" but rather that someone considered "Is there a way to use something edible, perhaps even useful, as shot so that I won't chomp down on any more lead pellets - hey, seasoning would make a lot of sense if we could compess it enough to make it feasible!"

              Also, the site is not particularly funny - a hoax would be done a lot better!

              These people are not making their living from this product, it's still in development so it is not in their best interest to spend a lot of time processing customer inquiries.

      2. Thank goodness! A voice of reason! Thank you agrichards!

        1. Might also be just two good ole boys who got an idea and put up a website to see if they could make a go of it. They might have tried a few regional gun/hunter shows in MN and sold some shells they loaded themselves.
          I could see this selling to city guys who don't hunt except every now and then. It would sound like a great idea. They'd show up for a release or guided hunt with a box of these and have to be explained to. Every rural area has occasional hunters who buy the latest gizmos and don't really know what they're doing.
          I doubt these guys will make any big bucks with this idea. It would be nice however not to crack any more fillings on SS shot.

          1. Here's some potential evidence of veracity:

            "Season Shot will be appearing at the America's Original Game Fair, Aug 11-13. Please check back for press releases to come as well as more locations you can spot Season Shot.

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            1. re: mhoffman

              Season Shot-Gerltom Medical Inc.

              Why would a pharmeceutical company be associated with a company that sells flavored bullets?

              Why would the address on the website have a different company located at that address?

              That shiny section on the bottom of the picture of the Season Shot doesn't look too biodegradable to me. From a cooking perspective, do you think a bird would be evenly flavored by scattered shot?

              You don't find it funny that the first point comparing Season Shot to traditional bullets is that no other bullet is flavored? The slogan "shoots. kills. seasons" isn't funny? What about "I left my friend to his dining experience, went home, and started testing. A little of this, a little of that, a dash or two of such and such, gun powder"