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Where can I get tiny french press pots?

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Hi Chow'nders,
The best thing about a recent lunch was the loose leaf tea served in individual french press pots, and I'd like to get one or two for myself.
Any ideas were I can pick up a cheap, small french press?
...teas and tank-you...

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  1. hhaa that was cute. um, I THINK (you may want to call first) but Pippins in the beaches probably would. Thats where I go for all my tea needs, while you're there you can pick up a lovely assortment of loose teas, they have some great ones. good luck!

    1. i'm not sure if you're set against infusers and prefer the french presses... but tealish at walnut (?) off of queen st west across from trinity bellwoods park has a great selection of infusers in all sizes/materials/colours.

      while you're there you should check out some of the teas (the patisserie has an astounding aroma) and i really enjoyed my raspberry rooibos tea latte.

      1. The Tea Emporium on Eglinton or on Bayview. They have a wonderful array. Or Ashley's, if you can bear the experience.

        1. Kitchen Stuff Plus has little french press pots.

          1. Try www.greenbeanery.ca for online purchasing. They are local and have an excellent selection of all things coffee. AND they have great prices.

            1. I was lucky enough to find about 20 small individual pots while they were on a close out sale. My thinking was this, how cool it would be to have individual pots for each of my guests and to be able to serve gourmet teas or coffees, or both. About a year ago exactly, I was able to pick them up at a place called the Grocery Outlet here in the valley of CA., for $3.99 each.

              They work just great for loose tea and coffee. They are individual Arcosteele pyrex, 3 cup coffee presses, with a scoop and a little complimentary coaster to protect surfaces. Oh and recipes too. I also thought how great that it would be for my husband to have his own coffee press for his desk (office).

              After purchasing them I followed up on ebay to see what they go for on there. At the time, they had mine and other brands for around $5.

              I am so glad that I am not the only person that thinks this would be a good idea!

              For me they are perfect for loose leaf tea, and I think anyway, classy to be able to serve a guest their own little personal coffee press after dinner....

                1. Nikalou Restaurant Supply on Queen West, or Nella Cucina on Bathurst will have what you're looking for and much more!