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Nov 12, 2006 07:17 PM

Lower Decks - Halifax

Went last night (twice actually!) first for appetizers and drinks and then for dessert and another round of drinks.

Appetizers were fantastic. My friend is now obsessed with the potato wedges with garlic mayo. The nachos are excellent (at least for pub food). I had a tasting menu of 5 different domestic beers, which was an excellent value, and gave me a chance to taste some new brews.

Dessert, later on in the evening was great too. A white russian and a "chocolate bomb" (gooey mud pie with ice cream and whipped cream) totally did it for me. The view and the music were wonderful, and I think that appetisers, dessert and drinks were about $40... I'd definetly recommend sitting upstairs - the view is to die for!

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