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Nov 12, 2006 07:07 PM


My sister is here and wants a good Ethiopian rest in the city...

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  1. queen of sheba is pretty good - 10th ave between 45th and 46th

    also tried Meskerem's west village location on McDougal - not as good as Queen but Byob which can add to the fun

    1. I second queen of sheba. It's our favorite.

      1. I used to say Meskerem on 47th (at 10th Avenue), but they've been on a quality slalom recently, and until they fix the problems (including one that prompted a recent health violation closure), I'll go with Queen of Sheba as well.



        1. Most definitely Queen of Sheba. Warm, intimate, really delicious and affordable.

          1. If you like beer, order an Addis beer at Queen of Sheba. It's really good beer--hoppy but not too bitter, excellent balance.