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Nov 12, 2006 06:59 PM

Yoshoku Cuisine

Paging Eric Eto and other Japanophiles!

I am writing to inquire about the famous Yoshoku style restaurants in Japan (Tokyo most likely, but not exclusively) as well as the dining experience.

I recall reading somewhere of a place that still exists that proclaims to have served the first curry.

Are there any updates on the popularity of the style?
Is anyone knowledgeable of the history of these restaurants?

Is there any solid documentation that links the introduction of curry to the British Navy as I have heard the story goes?

Any info on the first appearances of other favorites such as hamberg steak, cream stew, cabbage rolls, hayashi rice, ton katsu?

Many thanks.

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  1. If you did a search, you probably came across this post from almost a couple years ago:
    I haven't had many more opportunities to eat yoshoku in Tokyo since, but I'm hoping to hit at least a couple places on this upcoming trip. I think the top 2 places I want to pay a visit are Ponta Honke (katsu) and Dom Pierre (beef curry). Others towards the top of my list are the famous old-school places like Rengatei, Grill Mantenboshi, Mikawaya, Kamiya, Taimeiken. And perhaps revisit some places I've been, like Edoya, or Kyobashi Mortier.

    1. Don't forget the original(?) yoshoku dish, tempura.

      I'm hoping to try Ponta Honke in December.

      1. Taimeiken is good, near Coredo. They sell a book there that has a little youshouku history. Rengetei claims to be an originator of youshouku in Japan, I beleive they were the first to serve tonkatsu. I wrote a book, Let's Cook Japanese Food! with many of these recipes because I really missed this food when I moved back to the States from Tokyo, and because I didn't need to seek out anything special ingredient wise to cook it here. The book will be out this March. Then you can cook hayashi raisu yourself!