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Nov 12, 2006 06:13 PM

Wild Venison Suggestions???

Hey All-

I've recently acquired half of a deer from a hunter friend of mine - lucky me!!! I'm pretty proficient in the kitchen and I enjoy trying new things so I was looking for suggestions on what to do with this beast. I'm mostly looking for "weeknight dinner" ideas, not time consuming recipes like smoking a whole loin or roasting a ham. Of course I do still plan on smoking some of this and I plan on making some venison chili - what I tend to think of as the stereotypical recipes for venison. Anyway, any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. I’m so envious - I have friends who occasionally give me some wonderful venison and it is always such a treat.

    I have made Pan-Seared Venison With Rosemary And Dried Cherries (from Epicurious) twice and it has been outstanding. First time was with chops and I made a couple of ingredient substitutions with excellent results. I made it again using dried cranberries in place of the cherries with medallions of venison. Really good !

    1. I have made the green peppercorn madeira sauce from epicurious with venison tenderloin, medallions and chops, and it was delicious.
      Also, venison marsala is great. Prepare as for chicken or veal, but let the meat simmer in the sauce a while longer (venison is a lot tougher), and serve over farfalle or other small flattish pasta.
      I like to do a pot roast of venison with tomatoes, horseradish and celery seed. Sliced with its gravy over a bed of noodles and sauerkraut (and thinly sliced onions sauteed in butter), is wonderful comfort food (and the pot roast can be made in advance and reheated). Ditto for stews, and chili.

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        the recipe you posted: do you really take that out at 115 degrees? I did a very similar loin last night (pan seared, coated in brown sugar, horseradish, and pink peppercorns, then roasted)

        I set my temp alarm for 125, thought it looked too rare, left it till 132, let it sit...and still I thought it was bordering on too bloody. Venison is hard to get the temp right, IMO. Too raw tastes a bit mettalic, too done is tough.

        I find that cutting loin into 1 1/2 inch medallions and pan searing in butter is a very simple, but delicious preparation.

        Try to catch Iron Chef American - battle Venison!

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          I did roast the tenderloin a few minutes longer than called for in the recipe, but I had a very small tenderloin. I agree that cutting into medallions and searing is easier...the madeira peppercorn sauce is wonderful on that.

      2. I like the european hunter game treatment of red wine, garlic and strong herbs, like rosemary. good size chunks of venison and slow cooking. I guess it's a little like beouf bourginon in preparation, with some boiled potatoes on the side.

        1. If you’re new to cooking venison, keep in mind that it cooks a lot faster than beef because it is so lean. Cook it either really quickly or slow and low—in between is when it turns tough. A friend from Colorado who cooked a lot of game always recommended that if using it for burgers you combine it with some ground beef or ground pork (so it doesn’t turn into a hockey puck). It takes well to marinades, and don’t feel you need to be tied to strictly venison recipes. I use it in a lot of recipes I would otherwise use beef in. However, if you google “venison recipes,” you’ll find boatloads of them, many from hunter sites, not just foodie sites. Enjoy your half deer! I usually just receive chops and burger from friends but recently got lucky with some sausage and a roast, which I’m saving for a special occasion.

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            Also, it stays bright red until VERY cooked. Use a thermometer.

          2. I like to make a mix of 1/3 montreal steak seasoning and 2/3 espresso ( ground). Rub this on the venison and sear it in hot oil. If you like you can make a great vanilla bean demi glace to match, only if you're adventeourous