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Nov 12, 2006 05:54 PM

Quick quiche?

Went on a wild quiche chase today. I was looking for good quiche to go, relatively fresh, and with a few good choices (usually Lorraine will do, but mushrooms and spinach are also welcome).

I found nothing until I hit Bread and Chocolate in Eastern Market, and that was neither fresh nor brimming with choices.

Anybody out there have a place they grab a quick quiche now and then? Arlington-Bethesda range and in between.

Or just great quiche?


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  1. This is out of the Arlington-Bethesda range, but Bonaparte Breads in Baltimore (Fells Point) has delicious quiche daily in their cute little bread shop. Fabulous breads too - I understand that they supply the bread to a lot of swanky DC restaurants. If you're ever up this way, I highly recommend it.

    1. Thanks! Might have to make a BWI trip this weekend, so I'll make a detour.

      1. It is likely that they are still making whole (large and small options) quiche, but I haven't ordered from them in a year or so.

        Try Alexandria Pastry Shop and Cafe on King and 395.

        3690 H King Street
        Bradley Shopping Center
        Alexandria, VA 22302
        Phone 703.578.4144
        Fax 703.820.9306

        1. I know a personal chef who makes delicious quiche (and other things) for people who want to order on a regular basis (eg, weekly, busy professionals who want quality food). He's in DC. Let me know if you're interested and I can get his contact info to you.