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Nov 12, 2006 05:29 PM

Milan Wine Bars

Can anyone update me on the best wine bars in Milano. Grazie.

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  1. Are there no wine bars in Milano??

    1. go to the PECK store..go downstairs..great wine shop/ vino by glass etc

      1. Disclaimer: About all I know about wine is that I like it and ps I live in Milan.

        1) Moscatelli- Corso Garibaldi 93 lots of selections by the glass but the selection is wide but not deep. The place is fun and the food is adequate.

        2) N'ombra de Vin--Via San Marco 2 better selection but kind of small place

        3) Enoteca Cotti--Via Solferino 42 Right around the corner is the wine bar. Used to be the same owners now different but they have a great selection.

        4) Peck--amazing and amazingly expensive

        5) Enoteca Ronchi Via San Vicenzo 12-- Have heard good things about this place but never visited. I don't think it's really a bar but rather a serious enoteca.

        1. Ditirambo - Minniti square