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Nov 12, 2006 05:04 PM

Filipino in Vallejo (Round 2)

I recently moved to Napa County and wanted to ask chowhounders where the best Filipino places are in the North Bay (both for eating and groceries). I think the closest area with Filipino concentration is Vallejo.

I found this old thread via search:
Unfortunately, it's dated 2001. I'm sure things have changed a lot since then.

I drove down to Vallejo a couple of days ago and had to settle for "Goldilocks" on Sonoma Blvd., since that's the only place I could plainly tell was Filipino...

I went with a friend, and we ordered Lechon Kawali, Nilagang Baka (beef soup) and Chicken Adobo. I also ordered some ensaymadas (sweet buttery brioche topped with cheese) to go. The tab was about $20 for two.

All the items were pretty good. (Granted, we didn't order anything exotic.) I would go back there given no other alternatives, but I'm hoping Chowhounders could point me to some better places...

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  1. There's much more to Filipino food in Vallejo than that. Many are mom and pop's so they go in and out of business quickly. But there's hardly a commercial street that you can drive down that doesn't have a Filipino eatery or market. And there are two major Filipino supers in Vallejo, you would have run into one of the shopping centers with many restaurants and anchored by Seafood City supermarket if you had driven just a couple blocks further south past Goldilocks.

    My experience in Vallejo is dated now (most recent is 2004), but here's a link to the search results for my past posts titled with "filipino in Vallejo" to give you a flavor of the area.
    I'm sure you'll be hearing from other 'hounds with updates. Don't miss Andrea Foods.

    Filipino food makes a great chow trek in Vallejo. As you explore on your own, I hope you'll report back on your finds.

    1. Like Melanie said, a good place to start would be Andrea's (1109 Maple at Springs Rd) - my parents get their whole lechon as well as catering trays of various delicacies there.

      Similar steam-table type places include one that just opened up across the street from Andrea's (Ihaw Ihaw - 40 Springstowne Center) in the Island Pacific shopping center; there's also Pampagueña in the shopping center with Popeye's at the corner of Sonoma Blvd and Old Route 37.

      For sweets, I'd try Valerio's at the Seafood City shopping center (which has other Filipino options like Chow King and Max's of Manila) or Starbread, in the shopping center across from Goldilocks next to Tapioca Express.

      Reena's Garden (the former Princess Garden) is a more restaurant-style place that now serves Filipino cuisine on the corner of Redwood and Sonoma Blvd near the 76 gas station. Also if you're near the Vallejo/Benicia border on Columbus Parkway, you can try out Hula Hut, which has Hawaiian and Filipino specialties.

      1. I got to try Andrea's Lechon Kawali and Munggo (mung bean stew--kind of like lentils). Both were good. Definitely going back there for more.

        Yesterday I picked up some Filipino style breakfasts at Ling Nam's... they were good as reported in this forum. Generous portions, and the eggs and meats/fish were perfectly cooked.

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          Hurrah, success! Andrea's makes a beautiful leche flan. Gawd, I miss garlic rice for breakfast.

          1. re: P.A.

            Glad Andrea's worked out for you, and it's good to hear Ling Nam is still doing their thing well

            1. re: josquared

              Is Andrea's still receiving good reviews as specified above? I'd like to get some lumpias and leche flan catered for a wedding next year.

              1. re: Mari

                What great timing. Turns out I'll be up in Vallejo on Sunday, and was thinking out sampling some Filipino fare.

                For those who have been recently, is Andrea's THE place for lechon?