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Nov 12, 2006 04:56 PM

Looking to buy a whole pigs leg (fresh ham)

I am just starting to try my hand at curing and smoking.
I would like to cure and smoke a ham.
Does anybody know where I could buy a whole pig's leg wholesale?

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  1. I'm not sure about the "wholesale" part, and I doubt that a single fresh ham would qualify for any wholesale-type price break, but I've had no trouble ordering a fresh ham from any butcher or just about any decent supermarket meat department. At times they've even had one in the cooler when I asked, and I've seen them in the meat case around holidays. I don't know where in the Boston area you are, but my wife bought one last week from Blood Farm in Groton.

    1. I think you could probably call Savenors (Charles St. in Beacon Hill and Cambridge St. near Dali in Camb/Somerville). If they can't do it, they should know where to send you. Or maybe call Hilltop Butchery conncect to the steak house on Rt. 1 in Saugus?

      oh -- I don't know about wholesale tho'

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        Similarly, John Dewar, in Newton and in Wellesley, can score anything you need, but it certainly will not be wholesale.

      2. This is not such an exotic item. Try HILO Market in JP.

        1. I have never seen a whole leg (minus the foot) at any of the supermarkets although I have seen fresh hams.
          I'm talking from the hip joint to the ankle with the rind and fat still on it. I can trim it and then use the lard after boiling the fat down. They average about 22 lbs. before curing and smoking.
          They end up about 15 lbs. after.

          1. As Flyfish said above, Blood Farm can accomodate most special orders. We got a whole pig from them last year, cut to our specifications. And we've ordered special cuts from them which they've accomodated.