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Nov 12, 2006 04:45 PM

Restaurant for My Birthday!

Hi Everyone--
I am at a dead end...where should I go to for my birthday? My only stipulation is that the space should be somewhat unique and have great atmosphere. I was thinking Cuchi Cuchi or LA Burdick's...HELP! All suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Hmm, I'm not entirely sure I can make a correlation between Burdicks and Cuchi Cuchi to suggest anything, but perhaps something with lush, cozy decor and yummy food like the Moroccan place in Charlestown or Lala Rohk in Beacon Hill?

    1. I love to make suggestions on these kinds of questions, but in addition to "unique space and great atmosphere", some further refining of your requirements would help. Any desiderata around cuisine, cost, location, level of formality, dietary restrictions? How many people are going? Do you need reservations, parking, dessert, full liquor, good wines?

      I didn't know Burdick's serveed anything but hot drinks and pastries. (Their hot chocolate is awe-inpsiring, but how anyone drinks more than a demitasse is beyond me.) Cuchi Cuchi certainly has a great-looking room and some serious bartending, but the food is merely fair-to-good, the service often very slow, and the bar usually uncomfortably crowded.

      Some places that have been very lively on recent visits -- and whose food I like -- include Toro, the Rendezvous, Sorellina, Bin 26, Grotto, Via Matta, Teatro, and Douzo. I don't always think of unique spaces with cool atmosphere as being great dining destinations, especially if they emphasize lounge seating, which I find uncomfortable when eating: Saint, the Enormous Room, the Middlesex Lounge, and 28 Degrees have worthy food, but I tend to go just for drinks (or make sure I get seated at a proper-height dining table, where available). I know plenty of bars that have what I consider worthy food and fun atmosphere -- the Franklin, River Gods, dbar, the Silvertone, Audubon Circle, and the B-Side are just a few -- but that doesn't hit everyone's idea of a birthday-worthy place.

      1. Do a crawl! Stop at one restaurant for a pre-dinner drink, then another for an appetizer and so on. The North End would work perfectly for this. You could start casually at the Waterfront Cafe for drinks; raw bar at Neptunes; pasta at Eclanos or LaGalleria 333 or Stregas and then desserts at Cafe Paradiso or a cannoli from Marias, Mikes or Moderns. Then you probably would like a nice long walk!

        1. I was faced with this same dilemma recently, and it came down to Ten Tables in JP or Rendezvous in Central Sq. I went with Rendezvous, so looks like I'll find out if mine was a good choice on Friday evening.

          1. It sounds like you're thinking mostly Cambridge. Dali's is always a great place to go.