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Sausage v. Bacon

Which one is worse for you? I mean, which has more fat?

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  1. Depends on the bacon, depends on the sausage!

    1. Depends on how either are cooked as well.

      1. If you're talking about pork sausage - the type you get at most restaurants for breakfast - in general, sausage has more fat than bacon. However, if they have turkey sausage available, that is generally leaner than bacon.

        1. Who cares? Just eat what you want, then scream at your arteries until they de-clog!

          That's what I do.

          1. I don't think either is BAD for you unless you over indulge and pig out all day. I usually confine consumption to weekend breakfasts.

            1. Both taste wonderful. Who cares which is worse if you don't eat a pound or so of it every day. We have a patty or two of sausage once a week and maybe a couple of strips of bacon every week. I seriously doubt that it's hurting us that much. If it is, so be it. I refuse to give up things I've eaten all my life just to live an extra year or two.

              1. If you are concerned enough to ask, you should not be eating it, no?

                1. It's the deep fried bacon wrapped cheese stuffed sausage that you should stay away from!

                  1. I don't think even the experts know what is good and what is bad for you. Kinda like being Meteorologist in New England. How many times have we heard the Butter vs. Magarine discussion. IMO it is everything in moderation. Enjoy it all !!

                    1. If I have to ask... I'm just curious.
                      Thanks Wanda Fuca, for your comment.

                      1. The main concern for me with bacon and breakfast links is the saturated fat. If you're comparing one pork breakfast link (2g sat fat) to one strip of pork bacon (~1.3g sat fat), the one strip of bacon is "healthier". But if you're comparing one link to two strips of bacon, you're better off eating the one link.

                        Some restaurants offer 2-2 link-strip accompaniment to their breakfasts and other offer 2-4 link strip accompaniment. (One strip of bacon, cooked, is about half the mass of a link, cooked) (Also the one link would have fewer calories than the two strips).

                        This is only my generalized comparison of pork breakfast links to pork bacon.

                        1. bacon generally releases a greater percentage of its fat during the cooking process, and then if you get center cut bacon, it has a lower percentage of fat compared to standard bacon. With those things in mind, I think you would end up eating less saturated fat with two strips of center cut crispy bacon than you would one typical breakfast link or patty.