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Nov 12, 2006 03:58 PM

Frantically Seeking Unsweetened Chocolate in Somerville

I live on Highland Ave and Cedar St in Somerville - and must make brownies today per special request of a sick friend - and the Porter Square Star Market is out of unsweetened chocolate. I don't have a car, and it's raining. Are there any other stores that would carry unsweetened chocolate within a similar walking radius (10 minutes)? I don't really want to go on a 3 mile hike this morning, but I suppose if I have to... I can't think of any other grocery stores in this area, but I don't go up to Broadway that often or to Davis Square for groceries... are there any stores in those vicinities? I couldn't find anything via google... Thanks for your help!

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  1. Can't offer anything conclusive, but a few possibilities:

    Farmer's Bounty (Davis Sq) - they definitely carry a large line of imported Cadbury milk chocolates (including the hard-to-find Crunchie bars), as well as quite a few cooking staples

    White Hen Pantry (Ball Sq) - again, not sure, but worth a call

    If all else fails, take the T to Harvard and go to Burdick!

    1. Pemberton Market on Mass Ave on the corner of Day Street will probably have unsweetened chocolate, but call first to make sure. . .

      1. Thanks - after making some calls and striking out, I'm making a chocolate pound cake with unsweetened cocoa I had on hand... and if my friend's sad about the brownies, well, tough noogies! I did get to speak to a variety of store clerks, ranging from helpful to completely unhelpful.

        1. Rats - I wish I'd seen this sooner, but for future reference...I'm pretty sure that Johnny's Foodmaster at Broadway and Alewife carries some. Also, there is a nice fine chocolate shop that makes handmade Belgian truffles. Maybe they could have helped you out? Nice people who run that shop!

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            I forgot to mention that the chocolate shop is in Ball Square, right near Ball Sq. Liquors.

          2. How can a supermarket of that size be out? That place continues to boggle me.

            Next time, you might check out the un-renovated Star Market on Beacon Street in Somerville (across the railroad tracks) or the Market Basket in Union Square.

            I am sure your friend will appreciate the effort, regardless.