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Frantically Seeking Unsweetened Chocolate in Somerville

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I live on Highland Ave and Cedar St in Somerville - and must make brownies today per special request of a sick friend - and the Porter Square Star Market is out of unsweetened chocolate. I don't have a car, and it's raining. Are there any other stores that would carry unsweetened chocolate within a similar walking radius (10 minutes)? I don't really want to go on a 3 mile hike this morning, but I suppose if I have to... I can't think of any other grocery stores in this area, but I don't go up to Broadway that often or to Davis Square for groceries... are there any stores in those vicinities? I couldn't find anything via google... Thanks for your help!

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  1. Can't offer anything conclusive, but a few possibilities:

    Farmer's Bounty (Davis Sq) - they definitely carry a large line of imported Cadbury milk chocolates (including the hard-to-find Crunchie bars), as well as quite a few cooking staples

    White Hen Pantry (Ball Sq) - again, not sure, but worth a call

    If all else fails, take the T to Harvard and go to Burdick!

    1. Pemberton Market on Mass Ave on the corner of Day Street will probably have unsweetened chocolate, but call first to make sure. . .

      1. Thanks - after making some calls and striking out, I'm making a chocolate pound cake with unsweetened cocoa I had on hand... and if my friend's sad about the brownies, well, tough noogies! I did get to speak to a variety of store clerks, ranging from helpful to completely unhelpful.

        1. Rats - I wish I'd seen this sooner, but for future reference...I'm pretty sure that Johnny's Foodmaster at Broadway and Alewife carries some. Also, there is a nice fine chocolate shop that makes handmade Belgian truffles. Maybe they could have helped you out? Nice people who run that shop!

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            I forgot to mention that the chocolate shop is in Ball Square, right near Ball Sq. Liquors.

          2. How can a supermarket of that size be out? That place continues to boggle me.

            Next time, you might check out the un-renovated Star Market on Beacon Street in Somerville (across the railroad tracks) or the Market Basket in Union Square.

            I am sure your friend will appreciate the effort, regardless.

            1. Tell me about it! Don't even get me started on the fact that they stopped carrying corn tortillas... and have just about lost my business forever.

              1. I bake like crazy, whenever I see a sale I always stock up. This week at both stop & shop and shaw's all of their bakers chocolate and chips were on sale (including Giardeli). The sale started on Friday, I hit my local S&S at noon and they were out of almost everything.

                FYI- the sales end on Thursday. The prices were really quite good.