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Nov 12, 2006 03:49 PM

Oil vs. Extract?

I want to make peppermint bark for Xmas gifts this year and the recipe I have calls for peppermint oil. I have peppermint extract can I use that in place of the oil? It will be mixed into white chocolate so does that make the difference?

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  1. Kate.s, I love peppermint bark. The oil will be more intense than intense a flavor do you prefer?

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    1. re: HillJ

      I don't want it to be overpoweringly strong because there will also be peppermint pieces in it too. I am just worried about the extract doing something funky to the white chocolate, like not setting up correctly.

      1. re: kate.s

        You're right, the extract will funk up the white chocolate. Think siezing. Either find oil or put the extract in one of the other components.

    2. kate.s, the recipe I follow *just double-checked* recommends that you fold in the extract at the same point you fold in the crushed candies. NOT to pour into the white choc as it melts...make sense?

      1. If you do decide to use peppermint oil, to be on the safe side, you should be able to find it at a drugstore with the health foods, or a health food store.

        1. there was an extended discussion about peppermint oil v extract over making homemade thin mint girl scout cookies - on this site and at

          the oil gives you that cleaner sharper cool peppermint that people remember from the thin mints, and it has lots of other uses detailed in that thread. I found it at the health food store.

          1. A few years ago I made peppermint bark and substituted extract for oil and the whole pan turned into a doughy mess - it sort of froze up and looked like a soft play-dough - it wouldn't even melt! I was able to find oil at my local grocery, and I've used it in my bark since and it works very well. I do think the taste is much cleaner and sharper. I've started substituting it for extract in most of my recipes.