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Nov 12, 2006 03:24 PM

Damis - Polish in Greenpoint

Last night, I went to Damis, an unassuming little Polish place on Manhattan ave in Greenpoint. I felt the need for some Bigos, Pierogi and a couple other polish treats. But the very friendly waiter pointed me to the trout, "the best thing on the menu. Then you come back and have the polish standards."

That's going to be very difficult. That trout was outstanding. Dusted in flour, quick fried in butter and lemon and served with a lemon-dill sauce over a bed of perfectly cooked vegetables, I don't know how I'm going to order anything else. Contrary to most stick to your ribs Polish food, this was light, subtle and melt-in-your mouth tender.

The fish wasn't overcooked, nor was it undercooked, as is so often the case these days. It was also served with a side of dill mashed potatoes. It went great with a bottle of Zwiec beer.

I'm going back!

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  1. holy crap that sounds good right now! We usually end up at the always reliable Lomzynianka, but Damis is where I'm going next time i'm on the B61.

    1. Can you give me an idea of where on Manhattan Ave it is? Even if you could tell me what stores are nearby...

      1. Oh my gosh! That sounds exactly like a meal I had in Prague several years ago for New Year's Eve. As New Year's Eve is so close, I was actually thinking about that trout just this morning and lamenting that Prague was so far away. I'll have to check Damis out the next time I'm in Greenpoint.

        1. we finally made it to damis to try the trout. it's excellent - a beautiful whole fish atop about two pounds of fresh al dente vegetables. i got the roast potatoes as a side, which were round little golden balls - more like rissole. at $14.95, it's a great value. our other entree (the polish platter) was good but nothing exceptional. this is definitely a place i'm planning on revisiting.