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Nov 12, 2006 03:07 PM

Last-minute dinner reservations at CIA?

My husband and I have just decided to spend next weekend up in the mid-Hudson River Valley. As expected, when I tried to make an online reservation for dinner on Saturday evening, there were none available. Are last-minute reservations ever available? Would it be worth our while to just show up and hope to be seated? Are there any other strategies for getting seated without a reservation? Or should we just plan on dining somewhere else? If so, where?

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  1. I would keep trying, but have a backup plan for the likelihood that you will not get into one of the better rooms at the CIA.

    My estimate is a 5 percent chance of getting a last minute cancellation.

    Good luck!

    1. The CIA is a tough place to get last minute seating. I live in the area and would go about 2 1/2 miles north to a place called TWIST in hyde park. the food is done by a CIA graduate and the place is a hidden jewel. The location is easy to get to and OH my God the food is amazing. Nice wine list with knowledgable staff.
      My favorite place by far.

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        Just to follow up -- we did dine at Twist on Friday night and it was WONDERFUL! We were treated like old friends. Ellen helped us with our entree and wine selections (there were too many good choices and too little time!) and we found the entire experience to be so much fun. Friendly people seated on either side of us directed us to another wonderful nearby restaurant for the next night -- Aroma Osteria in Wappingers Falls. All in all, a very pleasant weekend.

      2. did you try ?

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          I didn't see the CIA on OpenTable.