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cast iron skillet in toronto

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Just like the NY poster below me, I'm in search of good but reasonable priced cast orin cookware, particularly a skillet or grill where I can do steaks and chops. Where's the best place to get this in TO?

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  1. If you don' have access to a good cookware store try a hardware store and get youself a Lodge - you could order online if you can't find one locally (unlikely I hope..)

    1. Benix is having a sale, three for 19 dollars (three sizes in the set).

      1. Try one of the restaurant supply stores:

        Nikolaou Restaurant Supply - Queen just east of Bathurst
        Nella Cucina - Bathurst, south of Dupont, north of Bloor
        Nella Food Equipment/Cutlery - Queen East or Norfinch north of
        Dinetz Restaurant Supply - King East, around Sherbourne


        OR try Internet Kitchen Store - Eglinton just west of Yonge, or www.internetkitchenstore.com

        OR Caynes Housewares on Doncaster (Yonge & Steeles)

        1. Fortune Housewares on Spadina near Baldwin.

          1. Most local hardware stores in Toronto will have a cast iron skillet and their price is likely to be very reasonable. You really shouldn't pay too much for one.

            The only thing I would add is that I would recommend sticking with a skillet and avoiding a grill. Unless you really love them grill marks! Cast iron grills tend to be hard to clean and I never use mine. Plus a skillet will give your whole steak a really nice sear.

            1. Thanks to all who gave suggestions! I went to Cayne's today and bought a Lodge 12 inch skillet. Very reasonably priced and Cayne's was a great find as well (first time there ever). I'll be going back for sure.

              I was so excited to use my lodge! I cooked some bacon to garnish my butternut squash soup for dinner.

              1. We have always bought ours at Dicks sporting goods or Gaylan. But Most nice & good sporting goods stores have them.

                1. I was reading this post and got excited about buying a cast iron skillet, then got sidetracked and ended up buying stainless steel cookware from Mauviel (better known for their copper cookware). I bought it from Kitchenzing.com (http://www.kitchenzing.com) and got it a few days ago. Very nice...I made my favorite lasagna recipe the first night!

                  Edit: just noticed they have a site for Canadians: http://www.kitchenzing.ca

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                    F--k!, that's a great deal! Only Cdn$ 314 for a roasting pan? I don't think this stands as "budget" cookware source...

                  2. Just saw two Lodge pans at Costco and I am sure it was quite inexpensive.

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                      Lodge pans are also sold at Canadian Tire.

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                        Hey everybody. Found this thread through Google. Hope it's okay for me to jump in.

                        wow lagatta. you're right. Canadian Tire sells a Lodge Skillet. Kewl. Who knew? (Betcha never in stock tho, hehe.)

                        My family has used cast iron for 3 generations. I tried some overseas made cast iron a while back and kinda gave up on it.

                        My interest in it was revived by reading this on Practically Edible.

                        I learnt from it that Lodge is the last North American cast iron cookware maker.

                        I went to Lodge's site, and found that they make cast iron griddles.


                        My life is now incomplete.

                        (I don't think I'd use the ribbed side; would just rather throw food on grill for that effect.


                        Question pls: has anyone seen these cast iron griddles in Toronto, preferably downtown Toronto, preferably Lodge? I know I could mail order, but the customs brokers these days charge an arm and a leg, and plus, I can imagine what the postage would be on a hunk of cast iron, lol.

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                          Cayne's in Thornhill has it. And at pretty good prices too!

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                            I have three locally-produced ones, all from garage sales and church/charity bazaars. A wee one (5 inches?), a medium one (9 or 10) and a huge one (over 12) - the first one made in Qu├ębec, the latter too at the Findlay works in Carleton Place, famous for stoves.

                            I have seen several of the Lodge items at my small, local Canadian Tire (corner Bellechasse and St-Laurent, Mtl). But of course one can't count on items being in stock.

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                          Just found Lodge Cast Iron in downtown Toronto! In the kitchen store that is in the centre of St Lawrence market. If you've come by TTC, be prepared to spring for a cab home -- a few purchases of these babies makes for a heavy trip home otherwise :}

                        3. With a Lodge well under $20 (US) getting one on line is no good as the shipping would double the price.

                          I have a square skillit,a big oval griddle,a 9" saute a saucepan and a 9" and 10" in regular skillit. I think they were pretty much all yardsale finds at under $5. They last forever.

                          1. I used to buy them at www.getcastironskillet.com back when they were selling online. I think they went out of business though because there is nothing on the site now.

                            1. Don't waste your time with today's cast iron. Get pre-WW2 vintage pans on ebay.
                              Here is the difference - smoothness.
                              Pictures tell the story better: