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Nov 12, 2006 02:56 PM

cast iron skillet in toronto

Just like the NY poster below me, I'm in search of good but reasonable priced cast orin cookware, particularly a skillet or grill where I can do steaks and chops. Where's the best place to get this in TO?

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  1. If you don' have access to a good cookware store try a hardware store and get youself a Lodge - you could order online if you can't find one locally (unlikely I hope..)

    1. Benix is having a sale, three for 19 dollars (three sizes in the set).

      1. Try one of the restaurant supply stores:

        Nikolaou Restaurant Supply - Queen just east of Bathurst
        Nella Cucina - Bathurst, south of Dupont, north of Bloor
        Nella Food Equipment/Cutlery - Queen East or Norfinch north of
        Dinetz Restaurant Supply - King East, around Sherbourne


        OR try Internet Kitchen Store - Eglinton just west of Yonge, or

        OR Caynes Housewares on Doncaster (Yonge & Steeles)

        1. Fortune Housewares on Spadina near Baldwin.

          1. Most local hardware stores in Toronto will have a cast iron skillet and their price is likely to be very reasonable. You really shouldn't pay too much for one.

            The only thing I would add is that I would recommend sticking with a skillet and avoiding a grill. Unless you really love them grill marks! Cast iron grills tend to be hard to clean and I never use mine. Plus a skillet will give your whole steak a really nice sear.