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Nov 12, 2006 01:58 PM

blintzes for brunch/lunch in Toronto

Which restaurants serve good blintzes? I'm having a craving but I don't really want to go to Freetimes because I'm avoiding buffets right now.

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  1. United Dairy at Lawrence and Bathurst-very old school-very good. Decent Greek salad also.

    1. I think Free Times blintzes are better than United Bakers, but both are good. You can just have the blintzes - you don't need to have the buffet. Unless they've changed their setup, you can order from the menu even at Sunday brunch.

      Though we don't agree on Greek food, so perhaps we won't agree on Jewish food either ;-)

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      1. re: embee

        Thanks for letting me know it's possible to order the blintzes separate from the buffet at Free Times...

        Will try both places out & report back sometime soon.

        But I agree that Mamma's serves the best chain maybe we'll agree on the Jewish food ;)

      2. I don't like much of the food at United Bakers, but I do like their blintzes. They're quite plumply filled with a cheese mixture that's thankfully not overly sweet, and come with sour cream and a choice of apple sauce or blueberry sauce (perhaps other sauces as well). They're pan fried golden crisp.

        1. I've heard that Free Times blintzes are good...However, I usually go to Mimi's for blintzes (bathurst, just north of queen - hard to find...right next to some steam bath house). I love blintzes, and usually get my in-laws to bring them in from Montreal, but Mimi does a good job, usually served with blueberry compote and sour cream...mmmm. If she runs out of blintzes, I usualy go for the eggs and chili

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          1. re: DDD

            I didn't realize Mimi's had blintzes...I've been meaning to try their brunch for a me one more reason to go. Thanks!

          2. Boho on Roncesvalles serves a tasty brunch, including delicious blintzes.

            Bagel World does a pretty good old world blintz as well.