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Nov 12, 2006 01:52 PM

It's Sunday.....SO MUCH in the mood for a day of cooking while it rains

This is what I am making, all from epicurious:

Chicken Paprikas with Noodles
Braised Red Cabbage
Sweet and Sour Cucumber with Dill

and I'll buy a good pumpernickel.


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  1. Sounds yummy. I am making an easy dinner of sauteed October beans and greens (probably collards). Yesterday I did some cardamom-spiced apple-quince butter and Rose Levy Barenbaum's Great Pumpkin Pie (practice for T-day). Today I'm going to do some cracked wheat bread and some madeleines (don't really need them, but I want to try out my new pans). It's raining here too. And it's my first free Sunday in a while. Have fun!

    1. I'm cooking for the in-laws tonight...

      Salad of shaved fennel, fuyu persimmon, and walnuts on a bed of arugula
      Saveur's amazing 5-hr. roast duck
      Gratin of celery root, potato, and wild mushrooms
      All About Braising's braised red cabbage

      Still unsure about dessert. My in-laws love flan and I want to try the one in the cookbook of the month, but it doesn't have continuity w/ the meal and seems like a rich way to end a rich meal. I'll probably make it but may serve some stewed sliced apples on the side.

      Oh, I need to start that no-knead bread too!

      It's sunny here today in central coast CA, but it's been COLD for here. Broke down yesterday and turned the heat on. Can't wait to have the oven on all day...

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      1. re: Carb Lover

        Hi Carblover! Which Saveur is that duck recipe in? Anything that has "Amazing" in its title sounds good to me!

        Rainy in Boston too, so I'll be doing a couple of recipes from Rick Bayless' books:

        Roast Duck with Red Chile Adobo Sauce and Jicama Relish
        Green Bean Salad with Salsa Dressing

        1. re: Rubee

          Hi Rubee. Here's a link to my report on the Saveur roast duck that I made for NYE last year w/ link to the online recipe:

          It was indeed amazing w/ crispy bronzed skin and rich, succulent meat. So easy too. My duck has been roasting for about an hour now, so 3.5-4 hrs. more to go! I'm getting excited harvesting the duck fat for use later.

          Look forward to your duck report.

          1. re: Rubee

            Please share that recipe for the Green Bean salad. It sounds great!

            1. re: KellBell

              It's very easy (though I didn't end up making it tonight, but will later this week). It's halfway down on the link below. Hope you like it!


        2. Very rainy day here too in Vancouver.
          I’m going to roast a chicken (Marcella’s with the lemons) and I’m making a baked rice dish with cheese. Maybe some cookies or tarts this afternoon.

          1. Dark and rainy in Mass today! My Crock Pot version of Beef Bourguignon is starting to scent up the kitchen as I type. Will serve with buttered noodles (for the kids) and crusty bread and red wine for the semi adults :) Popped on to get some inspirations for dessert...

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            1. re: mohotta

              I'm in Mass, too, and made Candy's EXCELLENT chocolate pound cake - I highly recommend it as the dessert to your delicious sounding meal. Esp. if you glaze with cocoa/powdered sugar/espresso powder/milk. Mmmm! I made this cake to ship to PA tomorrow, and later will make sausages and sauteed rutabagas with apples and onions. Seemed appropriate, given the weather.

              Candy's chocolate pound cake:


              1. re: Jeda

                Thanks Jeda - I just ready your post - the funny thing is I had already decided on a chocolate cake! I have a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake baking as we speak. Great minds think alike and all that. Thanks for the Candy's recipe, it's now on my list of things to try, soon. Your dish is perfect for this weather!

            2. Making the Bittman no knead bread -- just put it down for the second rise.