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It's Sunday.....SO MUCH in the mood for a day of cooking while it rains

This is what I am making, all from epicurious:

Chicken Paprikas with Noodles
Braised Red Cabbage
Sweet and Sour Cucumber with Dill

and I'll buy a good pumpernickel.


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  1. Sounds yummy. I am making an easy dinner of sauteed October beans and greens (probably collards). Yesterday I did some cardamom-spiced apple-quince butter and Rose Levy Barenbaum's Great Pumpkin Pie (practice for T-day). Today I'm going to do some cracked wheat bread and some madeleines (don't really need them, but I want to try out my new pans). It's raining here too. And it's my first free Sunday in a while. Have fun!

    1. I'm cooking for the in-laws tonight...

      Salad of shaved fennel, fuyu persimmon, and walnuts on a bed of arugula
      Saveur's amazing 5-hr. roast duck
      Gratin of celery root, potato, and wild mushrooms
      All About Braising's braised red cabbage

      Still unsure about dessert. My in-laws love flan and I want to try the one in the cookbook of the month, but it doesn't have continuity w/ the meal and seems like a rich way to end a rich meal. I'll probably make it but may serve some stewed sliced apples on the side.

      Oh, I need to start that no-knead bread too!

      It's sunny here today in central coast CA, but it's been COLD for here. Broke down yesterday and turned the heat on. Can't wait to have the oven on all day...

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        Hi Carblover! Which Saveur is that duck recipe in? Anything that has "Amazing" in its title sounds good to me!

        Rainy in Boston too, so I'll be doing a couple of recipes from Rick Bayless' books:

        Roast Duck with Red Chile Adobo Sauce and Jicama Relish
        Green Bean Salad with Salsa Dressing

        1. re: Rubee

          Hi Rubee. Here's a link to my report on the Saveur roast duck that I made for NYE last year w/ link to the online recipe:

          It was indeed amazing w/ crispy bronzed skin and rich, succulent meat. So easy too. My duck has been roasting for about an hour now, so 3.5-4 hrs. more to go! I'm getting excited harvesting the duck fat for use later.

          Look forward to your duck report.

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            Please share that recipe for the Green Bean salad. It sounds great!

            1. re: KellBell

              It's very easy (though I didn't end up making it tonight, but will later this week). It's halfway down on the link below. Hope you like it!


        2. Very rainy day here too in Vancouver.
          I’m going to roast a chicken (Marcella’s with the lemons) and I’m making a baked rice dish with cheese. Maybe some cookies or tarts this afternoon.

          1. Dark and rainy in Mass today! My Crock Pot version of Beef Bourguignon is starting to scent up the kitchen as I type. Will serve with buttered noodles (for the kids) and crusty bread and red wine for the semi adults :) Popped on to get some inspirations for dessert...

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              I'm in Mass, too, and made Candy's EXCELLENT chocolate pound cake - I highly recommend it as the dessert to your delicious sounding meal. Esp. if you glaze with cocoa/powdered sugar/espresso powder/milk. Mmmm! I made this cake to ship to PA tomorrow, and later will make sausages and sauteed rutabagas with apples and onions. Seemed appropriate, given the weather.

              Candy's chocolate pound cake:


              1. re: Jeda

                Thanks Jeda - I just ready your post - the funny thing is I had already decided on a chocolate cake! I have a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake baking as we speak. Great minds think alike and all that. Thanks for the Candy's recipe, it's now on my list of things to try, soon. Your dish is perfect for this weather!

            2. Making the Bittman no knead bread -- just put it down for the second rise.

              1. Possibly making sausages as the sky is ugly. Time consumung but not too tough to make 10-15lbs and freeze some

                1. My pizza dough is rising. I'll go to our local market for some shallots, wild mushroom, and a bit of italian sausage for a homemade pizza.
                  I have a great bottle of Van Duzer Pinot to go with.
                  Raining in Oregon too... no surprise.

                  1. I'll probably make chicken and dumplings. It's so easy and comforting, and it makes plenty of leftovers for lunch.

                    1. Ricotta gnocchi with sausage and fennel.

                      1. Your menu is perfect. I'm at the shore and its rainy and dreary and was looking for inspiration when I saw your post. I have some hot and sweet paprika in the freezer that I brought back from Hungary but no rabbits are available here so chicken it will be. I'd like to try the no knead bread but it's probably too humid to do that today.

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                        1. re: Ellen

                          Hi Ellen:

                          Tho the recipe doesn't call for a mix of hot and sweet paprika, I always do that. Also, use a lot more chicken than called for if you want. It makes a lot of sauce.

                          I'm assuming the NJ shore? Tho I live in Boston, the shore is my roots. Go LBI.

                        2. Me too. Making pork from an AmTest Kitchen recipe, grilled it for a few hours then brought it in to finish in the oven, according to the recipe. Also making chicken stock in crock pot.

                          1. this probbly doesnt sound fancy but always hit especially on rainy dark days like today on long island...

                            chicken and dumplings (dumplings are flat NOT round and puffy)

                            boil medium chicken in chicken broth,1 large onion diced and 3 celery stalks

                            remove meat from bones in a "pulled style" not chunks- set aside. add additional diced onions and celery.. no set amount, just to your liking. let it boil for 20 mins or so.

                            sift together 2 cups flour nd 1/2 tsp salt
                            cut-in 2 tsps veg. shortening
                            stir in 3/4 HOT water

                            flour surface and roll THIN approx 1/16"
                            cut out in 1"-1-1/2" squares

                            size doesnt need to be perfect

                            drop dumplings into boiling broth. cook until you like the texture and then drop in chicken.

                            sounds like an ordeal but does go pretty fast.

                            let me know what you think

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                            1. re: jd1228

                              I just made this soup about three days ago, but I add tarragon and carrots and plenty of black pepper.
                              My family has passed down this recipe for years.
                              It's the best for a cold, rainy day and even better the day after you make it.
                              I like the flat dumplings so much better than the round ones.
                              And it's really not that much work at all, I don't think. Great comfort food.

                              1. re: QueenB

                                thanks. ive been thinking about turning the flat dumplings into a ravioli type thing stuffed with spinach, etc and turning it into stew but not sure about other ingredients.. any suggestions?

                                1. re: jd1228

                                  I'm not sure how the dumplings would turn out as ravioli. They have a tendency to be slippery, and I'm not sure they'd stick together well enough to seal in a filling while cooking.

                                  No harm in trying though. Perhaps you could make a soup with them and small meatballs, kind of like an Italian Wedding Soup deal?

                                  1. re: QueenB

                                    thanks for the input.. i think i now have something in mind.. if it turns out well ill let you know. have a good evening and happy thanksgiving.

                                    1. re: jd1228

                                      Thank you and same to you.
                                      Let me know how it turns out, either way! I'd like to know.

                            2. Anyone have any thoughts/ideas for me... here is what I have for today (I am 9 months pregnant and not up for another store run or a MAJOR ordeal so here it is):

                              Package of chicken breasts
                              Canned sliced potatoes
                              Fresh large mushrooms
                              Assorted other veggies (carrots, celery, onions, garlic, red/yellow/orange peppers)
                              Chicken gravy (frozen but delish, kinda of light brown and thick)
                              Chicken stock

                              Of course, a fairly full pantry and fridge and I do not need to use everything listed but thought this was a good start... I am thinking of a potted/ slow cooking casserole type of thing.

                              What about a pseudo chicken pot pie or the like? Any ideas?

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                              1. re: Michele4466

                                I think it sounds like a perfect chicken pie opportunity.

                                1. re: Michele4466

                                  How about sauteed chicken breasts, finished in the oven, w/ a pan sauce of mushrooms (shallots?) and chicken stock. Easy pan-braised carrots in chicken stock, butter, and tarragon or dill. Don't know what to do w/ canned potatoes!

                                  1. re: NYchowcook

                                    See, both ideas sound good and I have to get on it in time for the 8:30pm game... :-)

                                    I was trying to use these canned potatoes (hubby loves chicken and potatoes) though so I may go with the chicken pot pie theme tonight and save the pan braising for another night, it sounds good, we love cooked carrots... I have plenty to go around...

                                    Thanks for the ideas...

                                2. Cream of butternut squash soup is on the stove right now, to be followed by turkey tetrazzini. Great day to cook and watch football.

                                  1. cold and cloudy here today. Have already decided to make one of our favorite cold day recipes of Addictive Mexican Stew from the allrecipes.com web site, served piping hot with melted cheese on top, that should hit the spot.

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                                    1. re: koriekiss

                                      i am a mexican food freak. the hotter the better. have tried a few mexican stews but none were "keepers". would like to try yours..can you post? i have a great chicken enchillada receipe receipe if you'd like to give it a try.

                                      1. re: jd1228

                                        I just went to all recipes and typed in Mexican Stew. There are many recipes. COuld you let us know which one you are making? It sounds like a perfect dish for this evening. It is cold, rainy, and nasty in the nation's capital today.


                                        1. re: nissenpa

                                          sorry, dont have one in mind yet. as i said, those ive tried (mole de olla) for one didnt knock our socks off and also put me in "stress-mode" as it had 21 ingredients (no exageration) some of which i had to comb manhatten for (we could have flown to mexico and back by the time it was done! i had asked for any suggestions earlier... hope somebody comes up with a good idea(s).. good luck

                                          1. re: jd1228

                                            I, too, went searching for this recipe and finally googled it. Found one with that name at recipezaar.com.


                                            1. re: ellaj

                                              heck, nooooo-way jose....if koriekiss is out trying to find the ingredients we wont hear from them for about a week!haaa the receipe came from an old cook book---called better homes and gardens mexican/1977 (that was my first mistake) tho ive tried most everything else in it and with very good results.

                                              meant to say the 1977 part wasnt a good idea...not the better homes part..

                                    2. sorry, realized the recipe came from recipezaar instead of allrecipes.

                                      Addictive Mexican Stew
                                      1 cup diced onions
                                      2 cloves garlic finely chopped
                                      1 T olive oil
                                      3 cup cooked chicken (I use the precooked chicken from the store)
                                      1 pkg taco seasoning
                                      2 - 14 1/2 cans diced tomatoes
                                      1 15 oz can black beans
                                      1 8 3/4 oz can corn
                                      1 4 oz can diced green chilies
                                      1 cup chicken broth ( I use the whole can)
                                      1/2 T cornstarch
                                      1/2 cup water
                                      salt, pepper, cilantro

                                      cook onion and garlic in oil in large saucepan until tender.
                                      add cooked chicken, taco seasoning, toatoes, beans, corn, water, and chilies. Blend broth and cornstarch, add to pan.
                                      bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 min. top with grated jack cheese.

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                                      1. re: koriekiss

                                        now we are talking! that sounds good... and not too late to start. maybe ill be the hero tonight. thanks

                                      2. It's raining in upstate NY. I poached some pears, made applesauce, and have an almond cake in the oven.

                                        For dinner: roast pork loin w/ garlic & rosemary, collards and polenta. Think I'll make a gravy w/ pan drippings and bones.

                                        1. I am roasting a chicken, taking the last of the brussel sprouts out of the garden and blancing and sauteeing them in butter and haveing carolina gold rice - not the brand - the real thing. Gravy of course

                                          1. Found some nice oxtails at Market Basket and am making the Red-Wine-Braised Oxtails from Epicurious. It involves boiling down 1.75 liters of wine by half, browning the oxtails & veggies and braising them in a dutch oven for 3.5 hours. I forgot how long the prep takes on something like this--dinner should be on the table around 9pm.

                                            1. I'm making stuff from the Bayless cookbook.

                                              The cornflake encrusted fish
                                              Mexican white rice.

                                              First thing this am, I made chocolate cupcakes from this. Thanks Pei.


                                              These were great.

                                              Note - I did sift the sugar for the frosting. It still came out lumpy.

                                              I had two after my lunch - Noodles with a ground pork sauce.

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                                              1. re: beetlebug

                                                Oh so bad - now I have to go make cupcakes!

                                                  1. re: beetlebug

                                                    Now I'm REALLY glad I made them after seeing your pictures. E was quite happy to come home to find chocolate cupcakes waiting for him as a surprise (it's literally been years since I've made them). I was going to do a ganache also, but he has a thing for the Betty Crocker frosting, and even volunteered to go get some! Silly husbands. It will be a good dessert for Bayless' roast duck with red chile adobo sauce and jicama relish. Thanks for pointing out that recipe.

                                              2. I just made a huge batch of brownies, then I'll make some chicken soup. Yummy!

                                                1. It's raining and cool here in NYC too. Perfect for a day of cooking. I'm doing a sort of substitute thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us, as the real day will be spent with non-Chowhoundish inlaws. I've just finished all the prep work for Turkey breast tenderloins stuffed and rolled with a cornbread stuffing; my mom's recipe for apple sausage stuffing on the side, roasted carrots and an arugula and pear salad. Now I've cleaned everything up and am relaxing with a glass of wine before I put everything into the oven.

                                                  1. 87% humidity (ha! very important if I'm going to make the no-knead bread!) and about 83 degrees in Florida. Was "jonesing" for Chicken Parmesan with mozzarella & sauce so that's what we had with baguette and dark green salad.

                                                    1. DW and I spent the mid-day hanging pictures and then she went with a friend furniture shopping. So I decided something new in Jfood-land. Grab an issue of ATK and made Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives. It was OUTSTANDING!!

                                                      Recommend it highly. A little couscous and it was an event. Even my picky 17-year old thought Dad did a great job. What a perfect ending to the day, a smiling DW and daughter, and me :-))).

                                                      1. Porcini soup with barley, pancetta, and chard is next up on the cooking schedule.

                                                        Currently simmering: an experimental pasta sauce of duck, tomatoes, prosciutto, white wine, and the usual suspects of aromatics. Yesterday I made polenta plus red onion and prosciutto sauce, except it was a *lot* of polenta and not so much sauce. Today thought I'd make the duck sauce to go over the leftover polenta. But the amount of duck sauce! A lot! Yikes! I can see there will be another go round with polenta or pasta to use up the duck sauce.

                                                        1. been simmering a chicken stock since I came home from the bar last night..for a jumbalya tomorow...btw..does anyone know if you should add water the chicken stock as you simmer?

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                                                          1. re: yeomanjim41

                                                            If it cooks down a lot you should.

                                                            FWIW, chicken stock doesn't really need to be simmered forever, 3-4 hours is quite enough to extract flavor from the meat/bones/veg.

                                                          2. Just finished dinner which was the Kaddo Bowrani some kind person posted on this board. I made this with a combination of a sugar pumpkin and a pumpkin labelled "Chinese pumpkin" bought in Boston's Chinatown yesterday. Any idea what this is? It has deep red-orange flesh, wonderful fragrance and is completely fiberless. It tasted really good with the garlic yogurt sauce, the meat sauce was good but not necessary.

                                                            For a main we had the Berber couscous from Paula Wolfert's Couscous book with merguez sausage (made 2 weeks ago) and grilled chicken. It was good eating for a miserable rainy day.