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Nov 12, 2006 01:50 PM

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiviing

There was one message last year from someone looking for a place to buy fried turkey(whole deep fried turkey). The one reply was Popeye's?????...Does anyone know of anywhere in Montgomery/PG/Dc who takes orders for deep fried whole turkeys?

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    1. Do it at home. A lot of fun! Just get a fryer over at the great wholesale markets between Florida Ave and NY Ave. One of those stores has got to have a turkey frier ... and for cheap. Get an injector there too. What could be better ... Except a turducken maybe.

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        Home Depot sells turkey friers, as do most of the department stores. There's a pot, a lifter, and a propane burner. You'll need about $25 worth of oil, a tank of propane and a lot of clear space outdoors to do the frying.

        Every year insurance companies report tales of people frying a turkey at home and burning down the house. It's not a good investment unless you're really into it.

        1. re: MikeR

          If you ask around, you might find someone who does it and will add yours to it. My husband has a friend who takes orders, gives everyone a time to bring in their turkey and he fries all day. He said he might as well because it's the same cost to do them all. He does it in a large, empty parking lot.

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            hello...where does ur husbands fried deep fry turkeys and does he still d this seeing that u posted this 2yrs ago

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          Watch this video before going out and buying the cheapest fryer you can find:

          (That being said, fried turkey is awesome).

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          1. Popeye's does have a cajun seasoned fried turkey, but you have to check their website as it is not available at every location. My understanding is that the turkey you purchase is fried and then frozen, so you will have to thaw it before eating (I always thought they prepared the turkeys fresh in their stores).

            Not sure how good it would taste being frozen after cooking it, but recently had someone give me a frozen smoked turkey which I didn't care for as the breast of the turkey seemed to be more "wet" than moist.

            You can find a location that sells the turkeys at

            1. Many thanks to those who replied re the fried turkey..I've vever ordered from Popeye's and if I have to pick up a fried/then frozen turkey....hmmm...I wonder about the taste..I called the Popeys in Gaithersburg near Lake forest Mall, and they are tking orders throught this Sunday....I also have a friend who actually does fried turkey, but according to his wife, it is a lot of work....and didn't want to impose....may try Georiga Brown.tthanks to all who replied! I appreciate it! ...

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                New Orleans Bistro on Cordell Ave. in Bethesda has a large banner out offering deep fried turkey.

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                  Looking through the paper this morning, I notice that the Magruder's ad lists fresh turkeys (79 cents/lb.), with the following note: "Will cook or fry for an additional $1 lb." If you're in Gaithersburg, can't beat the convenience.

                  1. re: pgreen

                    The Inmans at Eastern market are taking orders for fried turkey. Its $30 plus the cost per pound of the turkey. This place always has a long line for turkey pickups at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

                    1. re: sharonc

                      Inman's has insanely long lines, starting around mid-afternoon on Wednesday. out the side door and down the access walk by the playground.

                      I call it the Turkey Door. and use it year-round on weekends to avoid the mega-strollers.

                      It may be too late to order, but anyone still reading this can try calling just in case 202.544.0083.
                      frankly I've never quite understood the attraction to fried turkey. well, turkey at all really.