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Nov 12, 2006 01:15 PM

Brunch in Astoria??

I know all the usual places: Cafe Bar, Igloo, Grand Cafe, Fatty's, Brick. I'm looking for something new or simply different. Any ideas? Anyone know about brunch at those cafe/ restaurants on 30th Avenue?

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  1. not on 30th ave but I hear le san souci's brunch is very good. B'way and 40something. I've been to Tastee corner for breakfast and it was good but the usual. Nothing to write home and but nothing really new or different on their menu.

    1. FYI: Grand Cafe has gone DOWNhill fast... the past 3 times I've been there I've been more and more disappointed with the food. Also, they increased the $10 price fix to $11, which is still good, except EVERYthing costs extra, so the bill for two came to $35. I would not recommend you waste your time and money at Grand for brunch.

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      1. re: sarabw11102

        Didnt take your advice and went to GRAND
        The service is awful, awful, awful

        went over there and was very disappointed
        from the food to the service to the crazy hostess
        Seems like maybe it was sold to Russians because the staff was speaking Russian

        STAY AWAY!!!!!

      2. its not on 30th avenue but i have heard that 718 on ditmars is good for brunch as well. cavo also has a nice brunch especially when the garden is open.

        1. Mundo now does a sunday brunch- close to broadway on 32nd street.

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            Fatty's is great - definitely recommend it. The food is amazing and it is a much more laid back setting than the outdoor cafes on 30th Ave. The places around 30th have a bit of attitude and are too expensive.

          2. I live across from a tiny new place called Valverde (36th Ave. and Steinway St.). A friend and I had brunch there this weekend and it was lovely. The scrambled eggs were outstanding--creamy and light and topped with parmesan shavings. The brunch special was $10 and included an entree, coffee, and juice. The owners seem really nice and earnest and committed to making everything fresh on premises. The brunch menu also had the usuals (pancakes and french toast), assorted sandwiches, and pasta dishes.