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Nov 12, 2006 12:51 PM

great prime rib at a non chain/non cheap/not extravagant resto in Toronto

Had visitors staying with me this weekend who wanted to have beef for dinner last night after the Royal Winter Fair, and I wasn't sure where to take them. I knew I wanted to take them to a steakhouse, but I didn't want to go to a restaurant like the Keg/Ruth's Chris/Hy's/Le Biftheque or Ki. I didn't want to pay Harbour 60 prices, but I also didn't want to take them to the Tulip.

One of them didn't want to try a Japanese steakhouse or a Brazilian steakhouse,which would have been my choice since they'd probably have more interesting nonbeef items that I could order.

I was thinking about trying Carmen's or Barberian's but couldn't remember their exact street addresses and we were starving.

So I took them to Tom Jone's, a restaurant I've walked by for years but had never visited. It was a little pricier than I expected, roughly $40-$65 for most mains, but the food was delicious. When I got home, I googled a few other restaurants and realized that Tom Jones' pricing was consistent with most of the other oldschool steakhouses in TO.

They had the prime rib. A nice thick slab, served rare as requested, which looked great, and they said tasted amazing.I know it's generally a faux pas to order seafood at a steakhouse, but I ordered the Dover sole almandine which was very good. Possibly the best garlic bread in town, too.

Do any of you have other recommendations for good prime rib at non-chain moderately priced restos in Toronto?

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  1. The House on Parliment or the Rebel House are where I go when I want a proper Sunday night roast beef dinner that I don't want to cook myself...

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      on reb house's website, they dont list prime rib on the menu. and even today it is sunday and they dont have it on the specials board.. is this just a special SOME sundays? also, do you remember how much it was when you had it there? Im big on prime rib and I do really like HoP but its always good to try elsewhere

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        It's just a Sunday thing, and I suspect they don't always get around to updating their website, but every Sunday that I've been there they've had it, and it's about $19 for a LARGE slab o' prime rib, potato, veg and Yorkshire pud. You could call and ask, if you want to make sure they have it on the menu today.

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          alrite thanks! Tonite I think Im goin out for indian, but next time I need my prime rib fix, its my next hit for sure. and thats not a bad price either for prime rib mmm oh no, now i mite start changing my mind on dinner tonite haha

    2. I've always wondered about Tom Jones -- thanks for posting your experience.

      Carmen's, my Toronto steak favourite, doesn't have prime rib so you didn't miss it from there.

      1. And Le Biftheque is a dreadful, mass-marketing, cheap, loud and cheerful establishment best suited to low-level conventioneers, large impoverished families and anyone else who would as soon as not queue for Bonanza and others of its ilk! Not to be mentioned in same sentence as the other fine establishments mentioned, Spaetzle !

        1. If you're at Sheppard and Yonge, there's Stoney's. They were renovated under Restaurant Makeover, and it was by fluke that I had chose Stoney's to go into that night. I had their prime rib (their daily special) for $14, and it came with all the sides. It was OK, very tender, and I'd go there again. Very loud and noisy atmosphere tho (its an upscale sports bar).