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Nov 12, 2006 10:33 AM

Barcelona restaurant was the BEST of my 2 week vacation in Europe

La Paradetta was incredible. If we'd been in Barcelona longer, we'd have gone there a second time. It's located in an alley on the right side of the Picasso Museum. Closed Monday, noon-4 weekends, otherwise, opens at 8pm. There's a line and inside is FRESH seafood on ice. You point at what you want, they weigh it and cook it to order. (I like a la plancha, which is grilled) We had a small, live, Maine lobster, enormous prawns with head attached, other prawn like things, cold small prawns and a cold bottle of Turbio, white Spanish wine -- all for 62 euros. All we had was seafood even tho you can also order salad and ice cream. It's sort of self-serve and informal. Very delicious!!!

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