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Thanksgiving Dinner out?

I have never had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant before but my house in under construction and really in no condition for a nice meal. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a Thanksgiving dinner that would be ok for kids as well as foodies. I am thinking of Saddle Peak Lodge, just to do something different but I don't know how the food is these days. I live on the westside but will travel.

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  1. Off the top of my head, I know that Campanile, Literati II, and Jar are all open on Thanksgiving Day. I think there is a more comprehensive list on gayot.com.

      1. I know who is open, I am wondering who is best and if anyone has had SaddlePeak lately?

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          i'm going to cafe bizou, for the first time in years...yeah, the food is not great, but it's thanksgiving - Campanile or a high end hotel will be better, but like any holiday, not the best time to dine out.

          reasons for me: much less expensive (25 adults/13 kids) and $4 corkage.

          just my 2 cents...


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            I personally absolutely LOVE the Thanksgiving dinner offered at Four Seasons Beverly Hills. It is where I go every year if I can't make it back home.

          2. I travel a lot and have found myself on the road at Thanksgiving on more than one occasion. I second the notion that some high-end hotels take the Thanksgiving meal seriously and offer very nice holiday dinners. They're used to accommodating everyone from kids to grandma to finicky eaters, and, nowadays, many have top-quality restaurants that appeal to food-lovers. So I recommend looking for an interesting hotel dining room that has what you want on Thanksgiving Day. Wherever you go, I wouldn't wait much longer to get a reservation.

            1. If you're on the Westside, Jiraffe is offering Thanksgiving dinner this year.

              1. I doubt you'll be able to get into Saddlepeak now (though try)-- we called over a month ago and barely got in (but have since released the date). If Jiraffe is open, I'd go there or Saddlepeak. We're going to Minx this year (it's in Glendale).

                1. My parents and I go to Shanghai Red's in Marina Del Rey for Thanksgiving dinner. It's buffet-style and it's always very tasty. Plus, the harbor is beautiful.

                  1. My immediate thought was Saddle Peak Lodge but not likely to get a reservation there at this late date. I've had Thanksgiving dinner in the room right by the fireplace. Perhaps reserve in advance for next year.