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Nov 12, 2006 06:18 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner out?

I have never had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant before but my house in under construction and really in no condition for a nice meal. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a Thanksgiving dinner that would be ok for kids as well as foodies. I am thinking of Saddle Peak Lodge, just to do something different but I don't know how the food is these days. I live on the westside but will travel.

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  1. Off the top of my head, I know that Campanile, Literati II, and Jar are all open on Thanksgiving Day. I think there is a more comprehensive list on

      1. I know who is open, I am wondering who is best and if anyone has had SaddlePeak lately?

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          i'm going to cafe bizou, for the first time in years...yeah, the food is not great, but it's thanksgiving - Campanile or a high end hotel will be better, but like any holiday, not the best time to dine out.

          reasons for me: much less expensive (25 adults/13 kids) and $4 corkage.

          just my 2 cents...


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            I personally absolutely LOVE the Thanksgiving dinner offered at Four Seasons Beverly Hills. It is where I go every year if I can't make it back home.

          2. I travel a lot and have found myself on the road at Thanksgiving on more than one occasion. I second the notion that some high-end hotels take the Thanksgiving meal seriously and offer very nice holiday dinners. They're used to accommodating everyone from kids to grandma to finicky eaters, and, nowadays, many have top-quality restaurants that appeal to food-lovers. So I recommend looking for an interesting hotel dining room that has what you want on Thanksgiving Day. Wherever you go, I wouldn't wait much longer to get a reservation.

            1. If you're on the Westside, Jiraffe is offering Thanksgiving dinner this year.