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Nov 12, 2006 05:55 AM

white birthday cake in WLA? susie cakes?

So I have tried the cupcakes at susie cakes which were deelish but I recently went to two birthday parties were the cakes were either really good and not soo good. Anyway, all this to say I am looking for a place on the westside that has a moist and moderately sweet white cake, is it too much to ask that a bakery be consistent in their baked goods?

Also, not a fan of Sweet Lady Janes... way too sweet.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my b-day cake from Hotcakes (on Centinela, just west of Washington) last month. I had a craving for coconut cake & when my husband called to order it the baker suggested a bit of raspberry added to it. It was absolutely delicious & everyone agreed. Oh and of course he also came home with cupcakes & macaroons which were also top notch!

    1. Buttercake Bakery - yum!

      1. I must say I've become quite a fan of Susie Cakes. Between her carrot cake, coconut cream cake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and chocolate cream pie (did I really try all of these?) she's easily one of the city's best. Her butterscotch praline pudding is also wonderful. I'll also second Butter Cake on Pico. Jamaica's Cakes on Pico in W.L.A. also has some interesting choices but frankly with the exception of Clementine's and a couple of high end restaurants, I'd go to Susie Cakes. Amandine on Wilshire has some nice things as well.