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Nov 12, 2006 04:11 AM

Fruitcake --- Best Store Bought [moved from the Los Angeles board]

I admit it, I own up to it, I love GOOD fruitcake so call off the food-cops. My Mom and I used to made it together in October, cover it in rum or brandy soaked cheesecloth and let it steep itself for a month or so, adding rum or brandy at intervals. Mom died, I haven't the enjoyment of making it with her and don't want to do it alone. Also don't have her recipe. Anyway, my pleasure was working with her and then enjoying the fruitcakes later.

Ours contained lots of fruit, nuts and a light buttery batter, no molasses. Baked slow and long, and stored in tins for a month or two.

Costco has one over 3# ..... has anyone tried it? Do you have another to recommend?

Thanks for any ideas about local products; I don't want to order via e-mail.

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    1. re: monku

      This is the other Harry & David fruitcake(one I prefer),maybe it isn't made with molasses.

      They have outlets in some malls so you don't have to mail order. Look for it in their refrigerated/freezer section.

    2. Collin Street Bakery out of Corsicana.

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      1. re: jcwla

        Gotta agree about Collin Street (even tho' you don't want to e-order). It's got a lot of delicious pecans (Texas, after all!) & cherries. Scrumptious. I look forward to it every year.

        1. re: sherpa50

          My grandma used to send us one of those every year. We lived about 1.5 hours from Corsicana and she was in Ohio. I remember the shame I felt about actually liking fruitcake, always having to be the one to unwrap it. I would end up nibbling slowly but surely through the moist crust and candied fruits until the cake just had to go.

      2. Another place to order is Mary's of Puddin Hill, out of Greenville, Texas. Great pecans, of course! My mom likes the pecan fruitcake bars rather than the round.

        1. Thank you, Hounds, for your input on my fruitcake quest. I want to see it before I buy it because I can tell by the color of the batter and fragrance (if it isn't hermetically sealed) if it resembles Mom's recipe. Yes, hers did contain lots of pecans, maybe walnuts, and hickory nuts also since we grew them on the farm (if they were thoroughly dry by the time of cake-making).

          I, too, laugh at all the "fruitcake" jokes because some are so abysmal they deserve the description of wheel blocks or doorstops while others are so delicious --- wish people would send them my way: I would sample (or not) and then decide what to feed the birds and what to eat.

          1. My SO is a big fan of Costco fruit cake and turned me into it this year. It's exceptionally good this year.

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            1. re: welle

              Thanks ---- I am going to buy the one at Costco since you've actually tasted it; it looked and smelled so good and it doesn't have molasses; I had checked the ingredients when I was there.

              1. re: eartha

                Please report back on that; I bought a Costco one a few years back and threw it out - it had a chemical/metallic taste or something. TIA.

                1. re: Claudette

                  To Claudette and Welle: I bought the Costco fruitcake this morning and it is delicious. Brimming with fruits and nuts, and it does have the lighter batter. I didn't detect any chemical/metallic taste and I have tasted that in other products so I know what you mean.

                  This cake is 3.5 pounds and for $13.00 is an outstanding buy.

                  1. re: eartha

                    That's a good news. I'm not a big expert in fruitcakes, but I've had some bad ones and I liked Costco's this year. It is not overly candied and sweet, and almost no batter. It's like eating a good trailmix :) I don't know if we're eating the same one though: Here in NY, the fruitcake was 20, but it was big (not usual brick style, but round one).