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Nov 12, 2006 01:52 AM

North Bay Piroskis ONLY

All the posts keep going back to SF and their piroskis. And never eat any Paramount products!!

I need an authentic beef and whatever piroski source in the North Bay, preferably around Santa Rosa where I work.

Keep the leads away from San Francisco - I used to live in the Richmond and Sunset District and cry over what I left behind, thank you very much.

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  1. Have you tried Moosetta's in Sonoma? Here's my post from 3 years ago -
    I haven't been back since, but I know the signs still there because I was on Hwy 12 yesterday. Unfortunately, no time to stop then. I used to go in the morning when they had just been fried and it was a great breakfast in the car.

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      And I'm still wondering if Moosetta is any relation to Mary Etta Moose......

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Driving by Moosetta's yesterday, I noticed that its storefront was papered over. Just looked at the website now, and it has indeed closed down, both the deli and the catering business.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          That's a real loss as they had the only good piroshkis I know of since the House of Piroshkis in the city closed many years ago.

      2. So, what kind of geographical range are we talking? Do you work and live in Santa Rosa?

        I keep wanting to try that joint Melanie mentions. Maybe you could call them and see if they sell piroshki to any businesses in your area.

        Arrigoni's has it on their lunch menu, but don't know how good it is.

        Acording to this Santa Rosa news article there are a bunch of deli's in the area of Arrigoni's. Mac's Kosher Style Deli could have some promise. There's a deli called Dada's ... but don't know more about it than the name.

        There's a Russian Orthodox church in town so certainly those people have some source of Russian food in the area. Maybe you could drop by the church and pick up a Sunday bulletin and see if there are any Russian joints that advertise. Churches are good food sources. Someone mentioned on Chowhound that this church has a yearly festival ... just passed, sorry.

        The local junior college also has Russian courses so there's gotta be some Russian activity in town.

        Paramont piroskis aren't the world's greatest, but a lot of the Russian delis and markets in SF sell them, so they appeal to some people ... if you see one give a try and see if it is what you are looking for.

        Hope you will report back ... good or bad ... on anything you find.

        1. I've been to Moosetta's in Sonoma a few times and like their piroshkis. They're better than any other place I know, not including the long defunct House of Piroshki on Irving in SF that moved to 9th St (I think) near there and then closed. Try Moosetta's and see what you think.

          1. >I used to live in the Richmond and Sunset District and cry over what I left behind, thank you very much.<

            Do you know of any current places there that have great piroshkis?

            1. The original comment has been removed